how to get rid of stuff.
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How To Get Rid of Stuff This site? Just what it says.
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And man oh man, do I need to get rid of stuff.
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Paging scarabic.
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I was sure this link was going to point to here or here.
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er...this site is not that well written, or sourced. Most of it is pulled straight from wikipedia or something similar.

The first thing I looked at is, "how to get rid of a hangover" where the advice they give is

Remember this old adage:
“Beer before liquor, never sicker;
liquor before beer, never fear.”

old wives tale...

Some simple googling would probably do better then the site if this article is any indication.
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These pages read like AdSense keyword fodder.
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They took down the Anna Nicole Smith article.
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Meh on their advice...

I prefer the comments.
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Male Yeast Infections? Really?

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My tip for getting rid of red wine stains a la Curb Your Enthusiasm: Club soda (or even tap water) and salt.

Here's the procedure that I've used to get red wine out of a carpet.

Upon the initial spill or as soon as possible, pour tons of kosher salt all over the affected area. You want to use kosher salt instead of regular table salt because the flakes absorb liquid much better than the regular crystals. You want to use copious amounts of salt so that you can be sure to absorb all of the moisture.

Leave that sitting a while until you are fairly sure that the salt has absorbed all of the wine that it can.

Scoop up and/or vacuum up the remaining salt.

Wash over the affected area with water or club soda to ensure that you pick up any remaining salt particles. This will also help get rid of any residual wine residue which should not have, at this point, been aborbed too deeply into the fibers of the relevant carpet or fabric.

This has worked for me on a number of occasions as I can tend to be clumsy after a glass or bottle or two, on clothing as well as on carpet.
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I once spilled a glass of red wine on a sky-blue cotton blouse I loved. I dumped half a box of table salt on it immediately, and later on, my Mum washed it as usual and there was absolutely no stain.

I've spilled red wine several times since then. Salt hasn't done a single damn thing to prevent a stain. Go figure.
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Male Yeast Infections? Really?

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I just poured a bottle of New Zealand pinot noir on my new wall-to-wall white shag carpeting and chased it with two pounds of flaky kosher salt. Not sure why. The cat is curious.
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You had me at "Nail Fungus".
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Excellent, my cat pissed on the rug only this last weekend. Useful, ta.
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