Sculptural Wooden Clocks
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Awesome stuff. I have a question though... Why would clocks NOT be SFW?
posted by hellphish at 3:15 PM on March 29, 2007

Somewhat related, here is an earlier thread regarding clocks (well, watches anyway) made from strange materials including wood.

The 'clock making process' link here is quite interesting. I suppose it makes perfect sense that all the gears are hand carved, but as someone without that level of craft, I find the kind of skill necessary to achieve something as precision as timekeeping with carved wood a very impressive feat.
posted by quin at 4:12 PM on March 29, 2007

Definitely more spiky and ethereal than I expected. I wonder what they sound like.
posted by oneirodynia at 6:03 PM on March 29, 2007

You can carve something by hand but that doesn't mean you didn't use math and some good layout to get everything right beforehand. Also, all you have to do it make it run and adjustable. Not that this would be easy, I'm just saying it isn't exactly mind-boggling.

I love wood clocks. I plan to make one...eventually.
posted by DU at 6:08 PM on March 29, 2007

I actually saw these in person, and they're spectacular. Really amazing. They're beautiful as assemblages, although it was hard to tell the time from some of them. They don't sound loud, but the tick-tock like any clock with a gear mechanism.
posted by OmieWise at 6:19 PM on March 29, 2007

I plan to make one...eventually.

(Me too, once I get this thing out of storage. Should work as a template for one too lazy to do the math.)
posted by IndigoJones at 6:55 PM on March 29, 2007

There are pages out there describing how to make gears, as well as plans and gear templates.

And oh man, that stupid paper clock book. I spent hours on that thing before I gave up.
posted by DU at 7:11 PM on March 29, 2007

mefi has sucked wind for several days, then omiewise comes to its rescue
posted by caddis at 7:55 PM on March 29, 2007

I want one! Those are really cool. I wonder if this "Master of Time and Space" knows the Master of Space and Time?
posted by TedW at 7:58 PM on March 29, 2007

I just watched the episode of the Connections series about Clocks (#6 IIRC) and he talks all about what mechanisms in the clock account for the tick-tock sound and explains how to make a water powered alarm clock. I was going to do a post about it, but I'll save it for later, ah clepsydra. Great post.
posted by jessamyn at 9:30 PM on March 29, 2007

Honey, what time is it?

Um... I, ah... Huh.
posted by nanojath at 9:01 AM on March 30, 2007

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