¡Los encuentros mas esperados del siglo!
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Super Amigos is a new documentary about five masked wrestlers from Mexico City who fight for social justice. Featuring Fray Tormenta, the luchador/priest who was the inspiration for Nacho Libre; indefatigable community organizer Super Barrio; environmental activist Ecologista Universal; homophobia smasher Super Gay; and the matador's arch-nemesis, Super Animal. And they aren't the only ones--El Hijo de Santo is fighting for the sea turtles.
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Another trailer. Previously.
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If Lucha Libre ever comes to your town, drop everything and go.
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Wasn't this an Angel episode?
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Which one is Chevy Chase?
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Wasn't this an Angel episode?

The devil built a robot?
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With only five comments, I was sure I would be the first to make an Angel reference.

The cautionary tale of numero cinqo indeed.
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The Devil's Robot.
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El Diablo Robotico.
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Gah! Right. I think we understand the MeFi demographic. Or at least where it crosses over between wrestling and the Whedonverse.

...also thinking I'd be early with the Angel note.

Off to actually RFTAs...
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Fake wrestling = fake fighters for fake social justice.
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All the devil's robots aside, I found this really cool:

One of 18 children, Fray Tormenta grew up on the streets. When he realized he was on a path to self-destruction, he went to see a priest for guidance, but the priest kicked him out of the church. Determined to help people in situations like his, he became a priest and started a shelter for street children in Teotihuacan. Fray Tormenta was the inspiration for last year’s popular comedy “Nacho Libre.” He is the oldest of the heroes, but he still wrestles to earn money for the kids in his shelter.

Didn't think much of Nacho Libre,, but this guy sounds awesome.

I wonder if they get the Angel comparisons a lot...
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Totally late to the game, and maybe this belongs in AskMe, but I'm going to Mexico City the week after next and seeing some lucha libre would be amazing - any ideas on where to catch it?
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mdonley: A bit late too, but check your email.
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Clearlydemon: thanks!
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