Farewell Dodgertown
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Blue Heaven: a tribute to Dodgertown. [ESPN link via]. Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL became the spring training headquarters for the Dodgers and their many minor league teams in 1948. The site, which prepares the Dodger major and minor league clubs for the season, is being abandoned by the Dodgers for presumably less green pastures in Arizona. Voiceover narration is a bit maudlin, but the photographs are excellent.
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Wow thanks for posting that and the Walter O'Malley website. My dad was the director of Dodgertown Camp for Boys and Dodgertown was my summer home when I was a toddler (my parents would hire Peter O'Malley to babysit me). I had no idea it was closing. Sad.
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Darn! I thought this post was about the amazing restaurant down in the Florida Keys, Key West...Ricky's Blue Heaven.

I love their pancakes - they're made with beer!
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I used to go to Dodgertown when I was little and visiting my grandparents. Vero has changed a lot since then.
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Wow. For several years my bros and I would go down to Florida for the Mets' (yeah, I know) Spring Training. Catching a game or two at Dodgertown was always the highlight of the trip. There are so many great things about the place but IMO the stadium was the best part - I can't think of any professional park that puts the audience in the game as successfully (though the hot sun is murder!)

Can't we get the UN to declare it a World Heritage Site or something and stop this injustice?
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