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“When a few of the space pioneers sat down to sketch out how a practical space camera should look one of them had suddenly exclaimed: ‘That's starting to look like my Hasselblad’." NASA originally didn’t think much of space photography until Walter Schirra brought his Hasselblad 500C along on his Sigma 7 Mercury flight. Impressed by the results, NASA responded by commissioning the Hasselblad Data Camera, a stripped-down HasselBlad 500EL that accompanied all Apollo missions to the moon. In the hands of moonwalking astronauts, the Data Camera’s custom medium format film and Zeiss Biogon 5.6/60mm lens captured images of remarkable clarity, color, and sometimes composition. What's your favorite? [warning: frameset - try the "Full Hasselblad Magazines" link].
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Hey Hasselblad 500C, that's my camera! (C/M actually, bequeathed by my Grandfather).
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I think that the greatest ever Apollo picture would have been the picture of both Conrad and Bean together, in front of the Surveyor spacecraft. Sadly, they couldn't find the timer that they'd smuggled up there, so it was not to be.
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[this is awesome]
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Nice post, CJP
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Great links. I have the book Full Moon, by Michael Light. It's a beautifully printed hard cover with tons of the best Apollo photographs from the entire run of the missions. Great great stuff.
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I still shit myself whenever I see pictures from the Apollo missions.

"OMFG! They're walking on the Moon! The fucking Moon! That's insane!"
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[this is good]
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That final "Full Hasselblad Magazines" link is incredible. It's great to see that not every shot was a gem. Some of the "sunstruck" and accidental exposures are really neat. I've never seen so many of these.
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Fuck, I fudged my first two links.

Preview, dammit, preview.
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I had this picture above my bed all throughout childhood. It still makes my heart race to look at it. Thanks for the back story, Chinese Jet Pilot.
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Very very cool. (Aren't these all from a sound stage in Conspiristan?)
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It has bothered me (for a loooong time) that there are 12 beautiful Hasselblad bodies & lenses still sitting up there on the moon. (Due to weight constraints, they only brought the film backs on the return flight).
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Yeah, I'm shaving. In space. So what.
From the "Full Hasselblad Magazines" link
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All fake. No one ever went to the moon.

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Thanks for posting.
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"OMFG! They're walking on the Moon! The fucking Moon! That's insane!"

So close.
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These are gorgeous, but damnit, now you've got me poking around the Hasselblad site. I could spend myself into a very, very deep hole here.
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veedubya - as it turns out, alan bean is an artist and he painted a picture of what that photo would have looked like. it's in this book.

there might be another version, but i found this with GIS: link
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Your posts are always excellent.
I'll trade you a sample of your DNA for a box of Space Food Sticks.
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Dizzy: How about for a Buzz Aldrin?
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Great post, rich with wonderful material. May well go into the Metafilter annals, and deservedly so.
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I love the Tang, I love the Firewater.
Thank the stars no one has concocted a "Flaming Gus".
Or "Screw The Pooch Hooch".
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Awesome, joeblough. I knew that Al Bean was an artist, but didn't know about that book. Interesting that it's co-authored by Chaikin. Being an Apollo geek, I've got a copy of Chaikin's 'A Man On The Moon' that's signed by Gene Kranz.

Anyway, I've just ordered the book. Sadly, ordering from Amazon UK means no referral for MeFi.
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This is one my favourites - love those chutes.
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Awesome. Thanks for sharing!
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This is a great post in so many ways. Thank you.
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Holy mother of fuck.
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I don't know why, but I get kind of emotional when I hear stories of well made products being put to unexpected and amazing uses.

Something about how anybody, if you do good work, can contribute to something amazing and beautiful.
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Thank you, CJP. Still can't seem to read anything about Apollo without thinking of Apollo 1, Gus Grissom, White, and Chaffee. Sad face.
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veedubya: cool. you know what bugs me is that one time chaikin was on NASA TV basically doing a 2-hour presentation from 'A Man on the Moon', and i caught part of it by accident. then i wanted to set my tivo to record it, but i couldnt find one single person in the nasaTV PR office that could tell me when it would be on again.

the timeslots are very helpfully labelled 'video file', 'education hour', etc. F NASA TV!!
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