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Michell Malkin, even crazier then usual. Deciding the "crypto" in cryptofacism was just too pre-9/11, Malkin has started a movement of "John Does" to fight the imposition of Islamic Law in the United States and generally hate Muslims. It's a little confusing, so the video might help. Via wonkette.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Another post about her? Is she the new Ann Coulter? Seems too LOLWINGNUTS for mefi -- mathowie

Man if she could just be turned away from the dark side. She's not an untalented, unintelligent person. But so, so confused and victimized by her own hatred.
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Does fighting the imposition of Islamic Law include fighting the imposition of Christian Law where the two intersect? So I can, like, buy alcohol on Sunday now?
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Kubrick is spitting in his grave.
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She don't exactly look 'merican to me. What do you think skeeter?
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She's in the same category as Ann Coulter to me. Beneath contempt and not worth thinking about.
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She reminded me of the weirdest footnote of 9/11, that James Woods spotted terrorists on a test run. Thank you!
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I can't tell you how many times Islamofascists have gotten in my face and tried to impose Sharia law on me. Or worse, tried to pass laws in my state and federal legislature to do so.

Oh, wait, yes I can. Zero.
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Michelle Malkin is a patriot who wants us to win.

Y'all do want us to win, don't you?
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It's not confusing at all. The "Flying Imams" have filed a defamation suit against a number of "John Does" who reported their suspicious behavior to the airline authorities, which eventually led the Imams to get kicked off of a flight out of the Minneapolis airport.

Malkin's screed is a response to that.

So is current law-writing activity in the House of Representatives, which is in the process of changing the law so that airline passengers who report suspicious activity will not be liable for defamation suits of this kind.

And so is the response of a Muslim-American group in Arizona, which has offered to pick up all legal expenses of the John Does who end up being the target of this suit.
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