douglas adams and ringo starr walk into a bar...
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"Graham Chapman and I were commissioned by Ringo Starr, of all people, to write a one-hour US TV special for him. That was SF comedy." Fantastic unpublished interview with Douglas Adams from 1979 just after the radio series of Hitchhiker's and before the books, the tv show, and everything else wonderful for which we remember him. Part 2 here.
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Thanks for this. Any idea when the last part is going to be online?
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looks like it's monthly and the april edition just went up, so I guess start of may.
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humuhumu: Thank you for this. I have always found D(N)A fascinating in his accomplishments and/or hubris. I once wrote the beginning to a sequel to the Infocom game (and stopped once I became aware of why copyright is a good thing), and even have an email from his biographer, MJ Simpson, on the topic (he said, do it, just do it anonymously)

It is beyond tragic that he died on a treadmill. You hear that, gym bunnies?, he died ON A FREAKING TREADMILL. Shame on you all.

/cries in in the corner
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Thanks for this. Maryland public television just broadcast the first episode with Adams credited as story editor, this past Saturday night, (destiny of the daleks); some Adams touches were impossible to miss, eg the doctor pinned under some rubble, pulls out a book on the origins of the universe while he patiently waits for help, and remarks something to the effect that just once he'd like to read a book on the subject by someone who saw it happen. (RIP DNA.)
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