Bozo Matic.
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Bozo Matic. No, it's not a toy, or appliance, or a poorly thought out website, it's a real given name - and yes, he's a real person. It just so happens he's Croatian, and is now the new chairman of Bosnia's government.
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Should mention this comes via Patrick Corcoran on the WWWAC mailing list.
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There used to be a custom guitar maker name Bozo as well; I think he's retired now. A friend bought an absolutely gorgeous acoustic 12-string from him. In spite of the beautiful tone and workmanship, I had to laugh every time I saw the word "Bozo" inlaid on the headstock in mother-or-pearl.

Probably should mention that it's pronounced "Boh-zho".
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Some of the backstory of Bozo the Clown. It's in dispute; the most famous actor claims he got the name from a vaudevillian named Bozolowski, but he (also?) licensed a pre-existing Bozo character from a spoken-record series whose creator insists that Bozo was a name given to various circus clowns before 1940. There doesn't seem to be a clear origin of the name otherwise.

By the way, in case you didn't know, Bozo was once played by Willard Scott, on a Washington, D.C. channel. (For a long time the concept was licensed to various local stations, rather than syndicating a single show.) It's still running in Chicago.
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