If You're Into Colors Check Out Kuler
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Everyone needs more Kuler. There a lot of color pickers out there...and I generally like all of them...but Kuler takes things a step further by making a community of color and color themes. Of course it's tied with their products but that doesn't distract from the usefulness of this free online application. It is also a beautifully designed website both in form and function.
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Saw this floating around on del.icio.us/popular a while back, it really is a neat tool. I just kinda wish the thing wasn't made entirely in flash.
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And presumably it's simultaneously been slashdotted, because I'm being advised to try again later.
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Works fine for me. Very nice. Thanks!
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Oooooh, this is very nice. I could definitely waste spend a lot of time playing with this. If only this had been around when I was taking color theory classes back in college!
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For the OS X types, Kuler is available in widget form and is worth an install. It's not the full app, but it's enough to get your color on.
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Color scheme for the web has been the bane of existence. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut. Thanks for this.
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Yea, its a nice site, and very cool widget.
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See also colr.org
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Everything seems so earthy.
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Kuler is fun, but its interface leaves much to be desired. For example, the base color seems to change slightly, at random, whenever I click in the interface—even on things that aren't colors! I still have no idea why this happens. And trying to do things like change the spread for a monochrome theme (by moving the smaller circle in the color wheel) changes the base color as well, though that appears to be by design. Quirks like these kinda ruin it for me.
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(actually, Adobe may have fixed the random color change bug recently, in which case this just got a lot better!)
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I always keep a local copy of Color SynthAxis for generating on-the-fly palettes from photos & artwork submitted by clients (download the embedded flash- it's only around 30k). The Spanish tutorial is best- the English version has been through some changes and is much better than it used to be.
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Neat stuff - at first glance though, the only way to use a color theme is with Abobe software via their "swatch exchange". It would be nice if there was an "export"...did I miss something?
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