Just Commercials... Really Old Ones.
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An amazing collection of classic American television commercials. Sorted by category: Eat, Drink, Smoke, Clean, Groom, Shop and Travel. Includes descriptions and historical background. The commercials can be viewed in either RealPlayer or MediaPlayer format, and newer ones will work in both IE and Firefox.
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The site also includes an obsessively extensive tribute page to Margaret Hamilton (best known as The Wicked Witch Of The West in The Wizard Of Oz).
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Good potential for the site, but I was hoping for something that would really yank the old nostalgia chain. Not sure what that might have been, but Kenner Toys comes to mind.
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Ditto for old Indian advertisements and commercials. I was sure this was posted here before, but the searchbox turned up nothing:/
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Rats, not enough. I am still looking for an old lingerie ad with Michael York and another with Christopher Reeves. The one with Reeves has him sitting on a stool with a plain background talking about an old love that wore flannel shirts and this lingerie - then he drifted off in his thoughts. That was it. Marvelous ad.

Flannel good. Hmmmmm.

I'm still looking for that ad....
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omg, What a fun site! Thanks amyms, you've made such fun and interesting posts.
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I seached in vain on the "Smoke" pages for the Doral ads with the jingle "Taste me, taste me/C'mon and taste me/That's all Doral asks"...sigh.

Also, I remember some brand of pipe tobacco used to have TV commercials here in the US, but none of my pipe-smoking friends remember which brand it was, either.
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THese predate me... I'm wondering if there are any pages of ads from the 70's and 80's?
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