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More fodder for your mp3 player - audio books of Hesse, Kafka, Nietzsche, Plato, Tennyson, and quite a bit more from ThoughtAudio.
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Thanks for this Wolfdog. I've been a fan of librivox, but their selection can be spotty. On the other hand, they're free.
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Great resource, thanks Wolfdog. Reckon I might buy one of those zip passes.
posted by Drexen at 7:53 AM on April 12, 2007

Great find. However, I've just checked 'The Art of War' and they make it sound like a very cheesy Hollywood trailer: "The Art.. of Woh-aaaahr". I had to stop listening. Any recommendations for better recordings?
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All I want are audio books read by Christopher Walken.
Steppenwolf, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Moby Dick, Crime and Punishment. . . Imagine the delivery of these classics in the talk of Walken. I think even Pride and Prejudice could benefit from his treatment.
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Wow! and thanks!
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Art of War should totally be read by Michael Dorn.
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Drexen, wouldn't that make it Art of Worf? zing!
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Thanks, Wolfdog! I've recently caught the audiobook bug and these should keep me busy for a while.

I have to agree though, they do sound like Hollywood Trailer Guy is reading them, but he's far less annoying than some of the readers I have heard on audiobooks I paid far too much for.
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I love you wolfdog
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Apparently trying to sign up for the Pass means that you fill out the info and the site breaks. *sigh* too bad. This is awesome.
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For fun, listen to the Genesis extract.

For starters, it doesn't involve Phil Collins, which is a good thing. But the guy who narrates it is so bombastic that, just a few minutes in, you'll either be laughing or crying. It's almost impossible to listen to.
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Great idea Wolfdog, but I have to third the sentiment on Voiceover Guy. The Bertrand Russel essay is hilarious. 10/10 for effort, though.
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I like the selection, but the Blake is pretty funny. "The Sick Rose" as done by Don La Fontaine.
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As an fyi, you can find more audio book podcasts here:

And lots of other good cultural/educational podcasts here:
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The tough part is finding good quality stuff. has great quality recordings but the selection is spotty. - This is collection of free audio books from all over.

Simply Audiobooks - They offer a free monthly audio book
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