Internet users can now interactively view satellite images of individual devastated villages.
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Google maps the Darfur crisis To Find Darfur on Google Earth 1. Download Google Earth 2. Open the program; in bottom-left corner, click open tabs 'PrimaryDatabase,' then 'Global Awareness,' then 'USHMM: Crisis in Darfur.' Check the box next to 'Darfur' so markers appear over the region.Double-click the word 'Darfur' to automatically zoom in on the region. 3. Use mouse or navigation tools in top-right corner to move around the map.
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4. Make her open the... Oh, nevermind.
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Khartoum is using Google Earth itself. "They are using Google Earth to intimidate NGOs in the Darfur area. They go up to NGOs and tell them, 'We are using Google Earth, we can monitor your activities.'" How daft.
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Wow... atrocities you can see from space. Yay for science.
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Oh man, you mean you want me to work at this?

*awaits one-link YouTube post*
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You mean corporations care about things like this?
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Best of the standalone application.

(Seriously, this is neat, but it's not on the web.)
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