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TV in Japan. A hyper representation of what airs, or has aired on Japanese TV. Ranging from action packed to truly awesome (and from monkeys to ninjas), set your eyes to "dazzled" and brain to "frazzled".
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I'll start off with egg meets katana but literally, there are hours of beguiling footage dating back to the seventies on this bewildering blog.
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This looks like great fun, thanks!
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Groovy, thanks!
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All you need to know about TV in Japan can be summed up in Nasubi.
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The beer pouring robot reminded me of a rice cooker one of my host families had - they'll leave the rice cooking overnight, then at 6 in the morning it'd chime up "DING DING DING! OHAYO GOZAIMASU! Your rice is ready!" or something like that in Japanese. Gave me a fright when I heard it the first time.
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Top 10 Japanese Game Shows:
• Answer the questions wrong and you will soon have a bare ass in your face! Seriously.
• A show where the contestants have to say a phrase perfectly or be slapped in the balls by a machine.
• Contestants attempt to make their way around a circle of pedestals while avoiding fast-moving clock hands. Those who fail are thrown into a pit of whipped cream:
• Contestants have to watch a video of someone learning English. Those who laugh will be punished.
• Iguana attacks women with meat on their foreheads. Turn your speakers down. There's a lot of "girly screaming".
• ...

They used to show Takeshi's Castle here sometimes. Man I loved that show :) Here are some YouTube links.
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My god I love this site.
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