In a city renowned for phoney affection and rabid ambition, he exudes only diffidence, humour and generosity.
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"If you had Bruce playing with you," Dylan wrote, in his 2004 autobiography, Chronicles, "that's all you would need to do just about anything."
Bruce Langhorne has quite the discography. And a hot sauce, to boot. And he's led quite the life. Here is Richie Unterberger's interview with Langhorne in Parts One and Two. And here he talks with Unterberger about working with Mimi and Richard Fariña.

On a personal note, I will add that his hot sauce is hot indeed. Will buy it again.
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Great post; thanks.
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Nice find. I'm a big admirer of both Langhorne and Unterberger.
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Wow, this is great, y2karl. I'm embarassed to admit that Langhorne had until now passed under my radar. Thanks so much for posting these links!
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Same for me . . . I wouldn't have known about the common thread to so much of the music I listened to back in the day. WHAT?! 40 years ago? Nah, can't be.
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And, as noted on the discography from Stephan Wirz's American Music, his name is on the original Humbeads Map of the World.
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“I was standin’ on the sidewalk
Had a noise in my head
There were loudspeakers babbling
But nothing was said.
There were 27 companies of female marines.
There were presidential candidates in new Levi’s jeans....

It was the red white and blue making war on the poor.
Blind mother justice on a pile of manure.
Say your prayers and the pledge of allegiance every night
And tomorrow you’ll be feeling alright.”

Richard Farina
“House Un-American Blues Activity Dream” 1963?
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