A moment on earth
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A Moment on Earth: hundreds of pictures of different places on earth, all taken at exactly the same time (Flash Based). On August 5th, 2004 at 12:00 Noon GMT, 60 filmmakers in over 40 countries and on all 7 continents captured a single "moment" on earth. The results were used to build a composite image of Iraq and the Pacific Ocean. By hovering over the composite image, the individual frames of the mosiac can be viewed along with details about the individual pictures.
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I like the concept. I'm not sure I understand what Iraq has to do with anything - it seems somewhat random.
posted by dmd at 6:14 AM on April 18, 2007

The results were used to build a composite image of Iraq and the Pacific Ocean.

Thereby destroying the cool "whole Earth" concept and leading to a pretty annoying UI.
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Not quite true. There's two slightly different photos of a chap called George Grossman in amongst the flames in the background. They're right next to each other. I imagine there are other similar ones elsewhere. From the description elsewhere it sounds like there were short films made, of which the mosaic includes various snapshots.
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Yea how did 60 photogs get thousands of images at the same time?

It is kind of cool, though the Iraq + Pacific Ocean thing is a weird distraction (why not put the pictures on a map of the earth? And put the pictures near the part of the earth where they were photographed? Not to mention that Iraq is nowhere near the Pacific Ocean). Cool-ish idea, not great execution.

PS I have not been able to find any naked lady pics.
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Very annoying UI indeed. Seems like a good candidate for a Google Maps mashup.
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I'll agree that the interface is pretty darn annoying. But as a concept, I thought it was cool. If you can get past the UI, there's a lot of interesting pictures / captions embedded in the photo
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This is a fantastic post; the UI is annoying because of the random placement of images, but it I can forgive it because of the fantastic photos of Darwin and Adelaide, Australia.
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8 megabyte download, it should be noted.
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An older attempt to offer a summa of life on earth- and my personal favorite in this genre- here and here.
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Very nice. Thank you for the post.
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I enjoyed looking at postage-stamp-sized thumbnails of images. After all, it's only 2007, and our technology can't offer anything better.

In other words, I also found the interface annoying. I would have spent a lot longer there if it wasn't so bad. T6 he images themselves appeared really washed out too, giving the entire experience a 'retro 1996 over modem' feel.
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See The Degree Confluence Project. Several orders of magnitude more complete and more awesome.
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Great concept, but the interface is too limited.
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