What's a Barrel Shroud?
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What's a Barrel Shroud?
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Who gives a flying $##@# about Tucker Carlson?
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From a comment on that YouTube page:

Even though I can see where she is coming from, it doesn't give her the right to try to limit my options for self protection.

I always find this type of response interesting. Technically, if a person is attempting to enact a ban on guns because that person feels the ban will make them safer, aren't they themselves exercising their right to self-protection? That is, they have just as much "right" to attempt to get guns banned as someone else has the "right" to carry a legal firearm.

After all, those who claim guns are proper in the home for self-protection often ignore the studies that show more injuries in the home as a result of those guns, so this is as much an emotional issue as a logical one; so the position of "I want to reduce the overall number of guns in circulation by making gun ownership illegal" doesn't seem an unreasonable attempt at self-defense, even if it might be a flawed position (I don't know whether gun bans have been shown to effectively reduce the number of guns in circulation.)
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Its self explanatory its the sheet I thow on a girl when I'm fucking her over a barrel. DUH!
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The point is, because the legislator signed a bill that would limit barrel shrouds without knowing what they were, barrel shrouds are a good thing. Presumably because they enable riflemen to kill people without disturbing neighbors.
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for his next trick, snoktruix will give us a single-image fark post making fun of Barbara Boxer's hair.

snoktruix, i think someone switched your MeFi bookmark for your fark bookmark. Please check and repair accordingly.
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What's a barrel shroud?
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I'm trying to think of some good snarky comment to put in this thread before the admins yank it.

Any suggestions?
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Is this thing on? Hello?
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