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Five For Fighting (John Ondrasik) is pretty cool and has some good music (enbedded audio). This video, created by school kids, really rocks. You can watch and submit your own home vids for in support of some good charitable causes.
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Hit the stop button on the first pages player before watching the kid vid or they will overlap and suck. Enjoy!
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This sucks beyond words that I can't find this right now (likely rights violations), but the Ace & Gary (Ambiguously Gay Duo) Cartoon Comedy Cartoon Funhouse with the interpretive dance to Five For Fighting's "Superman" is the highpoint of this band's career.
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Maudlin pap. Cute kids.
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Hit the stop button on any Five For Fighting video or it will continue to play and fucking suck. Enjoy!
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Roman Graves: your comment is total shithead filter, but I laughed my ass off!

I'm still waiting for the gay duo thing, I can't find it either.
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I'm more than a bird...
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