Super duper friends in action
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Challenge of the Super Duper Friends looks great, judging from the teaser trailer. Obama as Captain United is probably my favorite.
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Robert Smigel must be spinning in his grave...wait he's not dead...I'll bet he's pissed, though.
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Seems to be missing the comedy element though.
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Who among us can forget internet classics like Superfriends/Office Space and Superfriends/Wassup?

How did the Internet get so old?
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I laughed at Joker Karl Rove. I want a t-shirt.
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Beautifully executed and disturbingly entertaining site.

Condoleeza Rice's "Quotable Quote
"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."
–National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, on Iraq's nuclear capabilities and the Bush administration's case for war, Sept. 8, 2002"
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Stopping these villains with democracy hasn't worked. THey seem impervious to it's power! It may well be time to sic the Justice League on them.

It wouldn't be the first time a certain Kryptonian has had to stand up for his adopted world.
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Smigel wasn't involved in this???
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"Seems to be missing the comedy element though."

Yes... these campy 70's throwbacks that appeal to Generation-X'ers...

Would you go so far as to say that we need another Vietnam to thin out their ranks a little?

Oh wait...
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Seems a little one-sided. Reform-GIRL? Why not Reform Woman? Or at least Reform-Closet-Lesbian-Married-to-a-Womanizer-To-Protect-Her-Secret-Identity. I can guess whoever the originator(s) of this is/are, they're voting for Obama.

I get the Rove (Joker), Cheney (Riddler), and Rice (Catwoman) spoofs, but what's Shrub supposed to be spoofing? Captain Planet?

Speaking as a DC fan from way back - Make Mine Marvel!
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Am I going to be the first to admit that Hillary in a superhero one-piece carelessly slinging a lasso looks hawt?
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Firas: The first and only one.
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Oh, damn. Let's pretend I never said that then.
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Firas needs a time out.
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Well, sure she does, when she's got the Alex Toth designed Wonder Woman body.
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Who produced this? This is awesome!
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[this is terrible]
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That does not look like John Edwards...
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This was worth it for the link to the Office Space thing.
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What? No Kucinich as Gleek?
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What? No Demon Rummy?
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But you see, the big difference is the previous Superfriends spoofs matched the old animation to other audio, while this one used the original soundtrack with new (but seriously H-B 1970s style cheesy) animation. I just wish they'd used an earlier version with Ted Knight as the narrator.

If I were involved with this, I'd be digging up all the sound bites from the pols parodied that I can and build scripts around them. And if they haven't done character designs of Gonzales, McCain, Guiliani, Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Fred Thompson, Pelosi, Bill Richardson, Kucinich, Harry Reid, Al Franken and MISTER Clinton, well, GET TO WORK.

And Zachs, I suspected Wonder Woman was a closet lesbian more than Hillary...
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Loved that "misinformation" button.
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*Bangs face into keyboard*

Hey, that seems to help!

Great post!
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Actually WW was bi, and liked to tie her partners up, or get tied up herself and coo, but that's for another thread. I freely admit I find Hillary hawt too, but then lesbians turn me on.
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Condoleeza will need to do a better job hiding her hair to protect her secret identity.
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