Earth Day 2007 in 3-ply
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While in Italy last week, I snapped nearly a zillion paperless digital pictures and not a single tree was harmed. Earth Day reports abound this year so I've compiled a few of my favorites below to which I will add throughout the day as I find them.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is your second thin link to a blog entry this weekend, scissorhand2. -- cortex

cute little fake shudder sound.

...aaaaand then I stopped reading.
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Uh, where is there anything else compiled?

If you want to put a "More Inside" convention is to have your first comment saved so you can copy/paste and throw it in there as soon as you post. This is just misleading to say that there's more when in fact, it's a single-link blog post about toilet paper.

I was really expecting more, and perhaps something more awesome about Earth Day.
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I wonder what kind of camera it was. I know, or I should say I read somewhere on the internet that camera phones in japan all have shutter noises that can't be disabled, because too many people were taking upskirt photos. Perhaps it was a Japaneses camera phone.

Anyway, that one-touch TP dispenser: Ew. Do you have to push a button that everyone's pressed before they've washed their hands? Or is it one of those motion sensors? Talk about overkill if it is.
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Oh, I see, you were just quoting from the blog. That's even more disappointing.

You could have made a much better FPP out of this by pulling together a bunch of links of your own to interesting things about Earth Day.
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