Welcome to the Jungle...in Illinois?
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Geologists have discovered the remains of one of the world's oldest tropical rainforests , near Danville IL. The four square miles of fossils are in a coal mine 250 feet below the surface.
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Fascinating article. Thanks!
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Amazing ! It's like a time machine.
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So it is 6000 years old?
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Somewhere, Sufjan Stevens is really, really upset he missed out on this.
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Kewl, "the earthworm's view." Humans need that.
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"kewl" ?
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Since we're using sk8er talk, did you come to this epiphany after a faceplant?
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It was the age of insects, with 6-foot-long millipedes and dragonflies with yard-long wingspans.

Bugs today are cool, but they got nothing on this.
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That's awesome; thank you.
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Yay! Thanks.
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