Live Vessel Movements
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A group of enthusiasts bring you live vessel movements from around the Irish Sea (and further!) derived from AIS data. Click on the map to see the individual ships, their statistics and photos. Nice use of google maps here see who is docked and who is underway
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The Kraken thank you.

This is fascinating.
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Wow, I feel like I'm playing Harpoon.
posted by pax digita at 5:16 AM on April 25, 2007

Low ireland 997 moving steadily away northwards and deepening 995 by 0700 tomorrow. New high expected Irish Sea 1025 by same time.
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Name: BBC Mississippi
MMSI: 304164000 [AG]
IMO: 9347061
Callsign: V2CG5
Speed/Dir: 1.8 kts / 33° NNE
Status: Not Under Command

Runaway ship!
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It would be even more impressive if it could give blood/alcohol levels on the Holyhead ferry :D
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See also: Recent Ship Positions on San Francisco Bay [Previously]
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A group of enthusiasts bring you live vessel movements

Captain! Ve're surrounded by Enemy Wessels!
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Fantastic - now we can get some proper visual indication why it takes 3.5 hours for the Ben My Chree to travel 50 nautical miles from Heysham to the Isle of Man... slowcoach!
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Looking at the ship names, it seems there's also still plenty of Vikings off the coast of Man. You'd think they'd give it up after all these centuries.
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Ooooh neat! This is too cool.
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I love this kind of stuff. Thanks.

On the Gmaps site, what do the lines behind some of the vessels indicate? Speed? Length of time they've been tracked?
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anyone up to creating a Battleship mashup?
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If only they had a frequency list to monitor their audio traffic... :-)
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Chunder. I have been on the Ben My Chree and it did take a bloody long time to get to Heysham. In fact, I fell asleep. But get there we did, with no troubles. Loved the Isle of man, even in December, will return one day... on the Ben mayhap?
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I love this stuff! Thank you so much! hooray hooray! A perfect antidote after finding I have a hernia in my throat.
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