The Bush Pardons
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The Bush Pardons More pardon fun!... An interesting flip side to the pardon coin.
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Hmm... it's free to become a salon member? Where do I sign up? ha! anyway, enough of that.

Ok Bush was wrong in what he did, but I guess all the press loved him back then... so. And we all know that two wrongs make a right.
posted by tiaka at 6:03 AM on February 27, 2001

No, two wrongs do not make a right; but on the other hand, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I guess we could probably trade catchphrases on this all day...
posted by donkeymon at 7:28 AM on February 27, 2001

Here's the New York Times front page on the day of the pardons (no registration 'cause it's for education! yeah!). The last paragraph in the article reads:
In the end, Mr. Bush's advisers decided he could surmount his critics by expressing, as did in his statement, his willingness to make public additional documents about the affair, like his statement to the prosecutors and Mr. Weinberger's notes.
Did this ever occur?
posted by iceberg273 at 7:33 AM on February 27, 2001

let he who is without sin...
Yeah, you should just assume that everyone who is mad at Clinton automatically forgives Bush, just coz he's republican.
It's a raw deal all around, IMHO.
posted by sonofsamiam at 7:34 AM on February 27, 2001

Well, obviously there are a lot of people making noise now that weren't making noise 8 years ago. Did they all get into politics or journalism in the last 8 years? Were they not around at the end of Bush's presidency? (I know I wasn't.)

Or are there more Republicans in noise-making positions at the moment than there were Democrats 8 years ago?

Or has the political atmosphere changed that much during Clinton's terms?
posted by donkeymon at 8:08 AM on February 27, 2001

Well, I was only 11 then, so I wasn't yelling. Or paying attention. But, these pardons in question have definite conflicts of interests, and it really bugs me.

I guess I'm gonna go make friends w/ W. It could come in handy.
posted by sonofsamiam at 8:23 AM on February 27, 2001

Which, the Bush pardons or the Clinton pardons? They both bug me.
posted by donkeymon at 9:37 AM on February 27, 2001

I meant both.
posted by sonofsamiam at 9:57 AM on February 27, 2001

I don't think that you have to be friends with him. In fact, that would probably hurt your chances. Instead, give either his library or his party's national committee lots of money, or get some incriminating evidence on him that might come out if you were forced to testify.
posted by donkeymon at 11:03 AM on February 27, 2001

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