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Foot and mouth disease in cattle is not the same as Hand, foot and mouth disease in humans. This, I found out only today.
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It is, however, the same as hoof and mouth disease, which I believe used to be the more common term in the US (q.v. Hud).
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It's also scaring the living bejesus out of those of who live in rural Britain.

I keep hearing how foot and mouth poses no risk to human health. Farm suicides were already at record levels, before this happened. Sounds pretty fucking risky to me.
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...those of us who live...

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When my kids were little, they got HFD, and it was hard to just sit there and let the pediatrician tell us it was benign. It didn't *look* benign. But I guess it was. It makes me wonder how many mystery ailments I got when I was a kid that everyone just shrugged off. Now that we know there's such a thing as "coxsackievirus," it seems like we should be able to do something--but it's met with the same old shrug.
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