Solar Cycle 24 Prediction
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This is interesting. Presented by the NOAA Space Environment Center (SEC) The official NOAA, NASA, and ISES Solar Cycle 24 prediction was released by the Solar Cycle 24 Prediction Panel on April 25, 2007. The Prediction Panel included members from NOAA, NASA, ISES and other US and International representatives. Press Briefings and presentations at the SEC Space Weather Workshop, plus additional announcements and information from the Panel are linked below. The Panel expects to update this prediction annually.
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This is interesting.

This must be some strange new use of the term "interesting" with which I was previously unfamiliar.
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Here's the cliff notes version:

Sunspot activity reaching high point in 2011 and 2012. Planes will have to fly lower over the north pole so as to avoid exposing passangers to too much solar radiation. All this solar activity is going to impact Satellites, GPS systems and electrical grids and cost those industries more money and then...

That's it.


Well....let's see who's on Charlie Rose tonight, eh?
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This is interesting.

This must be some strange new use of the term "interesting" with which I was previously unfamiliar.

Heee...I rarely engage in drive-by (scroll-by?) snarking, but this FPP cries out for it. Glad to see I was not alone in that impulse.

And yet, this post has already been favorited; somebody must have found it interesting.
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Wow, does this create the need for a new rule? NO SELF LOVE!

Also, looking at the graph makes me think of the "My Humps" song, but more in the camel humps sense tho.
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I actually took a short nap while reading the FPP.

I'm not going to open the link but I assume there had to be at least one more informative paragraph that could have been quoted.

My Solar Cycle prediction:

Approximately 24 hours with alternating periods of lightness and darkness.
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Isn't there a relationship between sunspot activity and total solar output?
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[This is interesting] is going to precede all my comments from now on.
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This actually is helpful information for shortwave listeners, as the solar cycle in progress plays a hugely critical role in propagation and reception. Solar flares, in particular, completely knock shortwave out of the water, since major disruptions of the ionosphere wreak havoc on signals, which rely on the ionosphere for their bounce path. ("Space weather," as it's often called, likewise affects satellite transmissions, but the results are usually less dramatic.)

Anyway, it's my ethical obligation to make all the shortwave posts here on MeFi, so pardon me for chiming in. :-P
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