The Fufumal
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The Fúfumal. One link. No YouTube. Behold the tale of Fúfu, a small rabbit.
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This version is much more difficult to sing. Still, Bravo!
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Earlier this week I read The Fairy Reel by Neil Gaiman and thought it was going to be the best thing I'd read all week.
Now it's a toss up.
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[this is good]
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Hey! I got one:

Little bunny Cthulu, hopping through the forest,
snatching up the Old Ones...

...never mind.
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ew, filk.
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That song gave me the heebee-jeebees as a kid. If, like me, you had a tough time remembering the original, here's a youtube version.

In the Illinois version that I grew up with, the lyric (such as it is) gets changed to:
"And if you don't behave, I'll turn you into a goon.
Then, the song continues, with field gnomes, field dogs, and field lice, as well as 2 more chances, 1 more chance, and 'I am going to turn you into a goon.
The moral to this version is often told as "Hare today, goon tomorrow."

Nice post, hard to sing, but who doesn't love a challenge?
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Loved it.
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I say we give this Kate Gladstone a Metafilter membership, I would love love love to see more of this - her take on some of our nastier flameouts could be comedy gold.
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I grew up in Virginia, and was also raised on the "goon" version, maryh.

I'm an English teacher and I eat this sort of thing up.
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The cool things one learns here. Never heard of this hare-brained serial killer.

As for the story, that's the problem with psychopaths, no amount of warnings makes any difference, theyr'e neurologically challenged. They gotta do what they gotta do and in this case, the field mice were victimised. Freya was obviously somewhat codependent in enabling Fúfu, who should have been stopped after one murder.

This is the sad psychobabel translation that goes on in my head...

Glad that this wonderful author Kate Gladstone has another version of reality. Loved her song. Who is this delightful Kate Gladstone? Couldn't find out anything about her, except links to lyrics I couldn't read and there's a handwriting guru by that name. One and the same?
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Okay, this is pretty great.
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A small world   THE FÚFUMAL is posted
On the unread blog   my childhood friend wrote
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kip_w replied to your LiveJournal comment...[His] reply was:
Subject: Re: MetaFilter

The world isn't small enough -- haven't seen you in ages. Gix said you'd called.

This has gotten more comments (not by me) than anything I've ever written, I think. I'm sure the robot spammers will start putting messages here one day. Hey, tell those metafilter folks who asked about it that this is, indeed, the same Kate Gladstone with the handwriting web page. I was going to do it, then I saw it would cost me five quid to sign up.
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taosbat, How cool! Here is Kate Gladstone's info page on LiveJournal. Wish she'd write something, anything, more and put it on the web. And pay the five bucks and come and play in MetaFilter. :)
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Yeah, that was pretty cool, nickyskye. It wasn't until I went back to read it a second time that I noticed it was Kip's blog. I laughed again because he loves this sort of joke; so, I thought, "Of course...!" ;)
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*waves at Kate Gladstone, "Come and play!"
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Hee! Hee! Hee!

I just had the fun of reading the Fúfumal aloud on the phone to some other old friends who particularly enjoyed that Kip is in the middle of this. I'm actually pretty good at reading poetry aloud and Kate's verse is easy to follow and a joy to speak.

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Hello — I've joined!

My LiveJournal page (user-name: kategladstone) now has one entry (including a song of mine — not the FÚFUMAL, but I think you may enjoy it).

To see/hear much (not all) of what else I've written so far (original songs to existing tunes, original tunes to poetry not by me, and one or two original songs to original tunes) search my name on the FilkArchive site:

To see a rather different assortment of song/verse I've written (as well as rambling newsgroup postings which probably won't interest you!), search "Kate Gladstone" at the newsgroup

To get me out of your life, delete this message and ignore future messages.

posted by KateGladstone at 9:06 AM on April 30, 2007

omg, Hi Kate Gladstone! Welcome! YAYYY! What fun you joined! I adore your Fúfumal, wonderful piece of writing.

Your Italian, operatic version is entertaining too.

Did you ever think of making a website with just your writing on it, or a blog?

Glad you're here in any case, think you'll enjoy it.
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> Did you ever think of making a website with just your writing
> on it, or a blog?

Well, I've thought of it but I didn't actually *do* it till today.

This morning, I made my first-ever post on a page I've had for a while but never used — — go there to read my CREATIONISTS' CHANTEY. As time, energy, and interest permit/encourage, I plan to post more of my stuff there too. Watch! (or *watch out*!)
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Brava Kate!

Encore encore!

[how to do that:
1) highlight and copy whatever URL you wish to link,
2) then highlight the phrase or word in your comment that will become the link,
3) then press the blue "link" at the lower right hand corner of the comment box, a pop-up box will appear.
4) press Ctrl V and paste the URL into the box that comes up
5)press enter and whatever word you highlighted will now be a link]

Was that helpful?

Pi in the Sky.
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Pi in the sky and *pie* in the sky.
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Let me see if that works — I'll just make a link to my business page, to try it out ...

And now I'll make a link to the search-page of the FilkArchive site ... (there, search my name in any field and see what you get ... )
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