Unholy war in the Holy Land
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Unholy war in the Holy Land Though the Israeli and Arab conflict seems nearly always on the front pages of the papers, here is a minor religious struggle going on in area, an area where claim, counter claim, strife, bitterness and emotional toil seem the order of the day. This just odd enough to stand as symbolic of the area and its uniqueness.
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I always wondered which god condoned killing people in his name. God should be taken out of the equation, it is not a holy war, there is nothing holy about it.

Curing somebody by laying hands on them - Holy

Firing a rocket into a crowd of civilians - Unholy

posted by dancu at 3:56 PM on February 27, 2001

dancu: right on.

in other news: am I missing something? that link takes me to a story entitled "Likud's Druze MK investigated for rape".

posted by rebeccablood at 4:50 PM on February 27, 2001

Dangerous to post links to an Israeli paper late in the day. It's already Wednesday there, and the content rolled.
posted by dhartung at 5:53 PM on February 27, 2001

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