It's hard being a journalist in Sri Lanka
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"The people who murder journalists in Sri Lanka feel so well protected that they carry out fresh murders to mark the anniversaries of their preceding ones."
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The quote is from the article linked as "fresh murders". The stories I linked to a just a handful of examples of what is going on in Sri Lanka now.
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Thanks for the post chunking express.
From goldfish-attention-span reading of international news, I had somehow formed the impression that things were taking a turn for the better in Sri Lanka, but this is depressing and grim.
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[fixed the fpp link]
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For those interested, TamilNet has a longer profile on Sivaram Dharmeratnam's life. He was a senior editor at the publication.

And Abiezer, things are definitely getting worse there. Journalists aside, there are murders and kidnappings happening everyday it would seem.
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Related: The Tamil Tigers are now conducting aerial bombing raids using their own homebrew airforce
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Give to reporters without borders if you can.
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I add my thanks for the post. Poor Sri Lanka.
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TamilNet? Are you f'n kidding? thats like saying "Get the scoop on Israel from Hamas." The tamils are soaking in murderous blood.
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Abiezer, it's an easy enough mistake to make...up until fairly recently, things were getting better there. I got married there at the end of December and apparently got out just before the shit started hitting the fan.
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(For those who don't know, TamilNet is a pro-LTTE site; though they deny this, it's pretty clear what their stance is.)
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"Nobdody's right if everyone's wrong"
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Thanks for the post.

People suck.
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[the go fuck yourself talk needs to go to email or metatalk]
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Why do journalists go to places like Sri Lanka or Afghanistan or Iraq where they know there's people there who will kill them? They should go places where death is not so high on the list of possible outcomes. I hear Kansas is very nice this time of year, and by now something interesting might be going on in Branson Missouri. ..okay forget Branson.

I tend to avoid going any place where I think someone may want to kill me. ...I don't get out a lot.
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Because they have balls, use them, and try to let passive ball-less peons living in comfy parts of the world that all is not well and needs attending to.
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Hey, ZachsMind, things are hopping here in Branson, Missouri. We have country music, and... well... more country music. Charo is coming to town, too. Whee.
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In Soviet Branson, comedian kills you!
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