The dirt on your doorstep is NOT a bathroom.
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Listen to the creepy frog puppet & you too will avoid intestinal worms. Why did I post this? Because I care about you. Yeah, you're welcome. Previously.
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But I had mudpies for lunch!
posted by Dizzy at 4:11 PM on May 2, 2007

I thought you didn't do pie. Have you been cheating on cake?
posted by miss lynnster at 4:12 PM on May 2, 2007

RO-REVUS! Thanks for posting this. I've seen it before but it's never a bad thing to know more about this sort of thing.
posted by jtron at 4:14 PM on May 2, 2007

Had some rum baba, got stupid, ended up at a pie shop down by the tracks and left 10 pounds heavier and 20 bucks lighter.
Stay in school!
posted by Dizzy at 4:15 PM on May 2, 2007

Moral of the story. Don't piss on your front lawn, because if you have worm eggs in your piss, you might play with the same dirt you pissed on and get worm eggs all over again. Fucking vicious cycle.
posted by phaedon at 4:21 PM on May 2, 2007

my mental image of miss lynnster

you better be referring to the raunchy little number in the green outfit. maybe the blond in the sombrero.
posted by phaedon at 4:36 PM on May 2, 2007

I wish! You flatter me, Sir. Nurse Dixie ROCKED!
posted by miss lynnster at 4:36 PM on May 2, 2007

And I'm willing to bet that Julie London always avoided intestinal parasites too! (Although right now she might have a few...)
posted by miss lynnster at 4:37 PM on May 2, 2007

Totally meant as a compliment miss lynnster, and I think we may have to stage an intervention on Dizzy. Sounds like he got hold of some of that bad cake I had last weekend.

"Step away from the cake diz, you know we love you and are only here to help.."
posted by vronsky at 5:01 PM on May 2, 2007

Other symptoms include anemia, asthma, diarrhea, digestive disorders, fatigue, low immune system, nervousness, skin rash. Most will not face this reality or even want to think about this subject and will continue in their suffering.

Nervousness? Really?
posted by jimmythefish at 5:07 PM on May 2, 2007

I can stop ordering desserts any time I want.
posted by Dizzy at 5:25 PM on May 2, 2007

Through my work-blurred eyes I read that as Sir Nurse Dixie the first time,
And thought 'What a perfect name for a horse in the Kentucky Drag Derby'.
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Tell me more about this bad cake.
posted by aubilenon at 5:54 PM on May 2, 2007

(you're not a cop, right?)
posted by Dizzy at 5:59 PM on May 2, 2007

metafilter: always good cake, bad cake.
posted by acro at 6:05 PM on May 2, 2007

posted by aubilenon at 6:05 PM on May 2, 2007

Gets misslynnster to take her top off to destract dizzy while I grab the cake and tk puts him in a headlock and throws him in the back of the van. See you in thirty days diz, one day at a time and keep coming back and it works if you work it, blah blah blah..
posted by vronsky at 6:05 PM on May 2, 2007

My favorite intestinal worm.
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This is probably my favorite film that AV Geeks has in his film library. When we first watched it at his house, you could hear jaws hitting the floor out of amazement over it.
Donald Rumsfeld was director of Nixon's Office of Economic Opportunity and it was under one their grants that this film was made. I'm pretty sure that this is the case, anyway.
posted by NoMich at 6:16 PM on May 2, 2007

I SO miss fray...
posted by miss lynnster at 6:20 PM on May 2, 2007

po... thats awesome. Disturbing.
posted by acro at 6:25 PM on May 2, 2007

wow, This place is amazing. Started out with a Kermit wannabe lecturing to kids from Butcher Holler, travelled to early mid-Sixties cabaret in vronky's wet dreams and from there to a Belgian restaurant toilet dramarama with a backdrop of Dizzy's glycemic index roller coaster. What a trip.

What's wrong with Kermit Wannabe's logic is that lots of critters poop on the earth, cows, birds, cats, dogs, lizards, snails... not just humans. So there's always parasites in dirt. Yes, a pooped out tapeworm looks like a bowl of spaghetti, shocking how long they are. and round worms, usually from unwashed tomatoes fertilised with poop, can grow to be a foot long. They're no fun because they migrate from one's intestines into one's heart, lungs into one's throat and one swallows them back into one's stomach. ugh.
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Did anyone notice the over-representation of black kids in the show?
posted by Count at 7:48 PM on May 2, 2007

Hey, does anyone remember this hilarious you tube video of a sock puppet describing menstrual cramps (they said that a frog lives in your vagina and cleans it out with a fork. Something like that.)
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Was it this, delmoi?
posted by katillathehun at 9:31 PM on May 2, 2007

I like the eyebrows on the worms.
posted by j-urb at 10:42 PM on May 2, 2007

I'm crashing.
Give you fifty bucks for that Pop-Tart.
posted by Dizzy at 12:29 AM on May 3, 2007

As a scatological side note, when I first lived in Holland, I was slightly perturbed (as were many other foreigners) of the plethora of toilets that had what can only be descried as a 'viewing shelf' (that is to say a very shallow pan with virtually no sitting water.) Upon inquiry I was told that this was so that one could check for worms... I have no proof of the veracity of this statement but it did seem like a logical explanation.
posted by ob at 7:39 AM on May 3, 2007

They have those in Austria too. When I tried to mention that shelf to my Austrian friend (who has one of those toilets in her apartment), she couldn't figure out what I was talking about or why her toilet would be considered strange. But yeah... it's like having your poop presented to you on a plate prior to flushing it.
posted by miss lynnster at 7:53 AM on May 3, 2007

Yes indeed. I am aware of the body's functions, but I've never felt that I needed to be THAT aware.
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Oh great post by the way. The video was hilarious and fucked up in equal measure.
posted by ob at 8:18 AM on May 3, 2007

Disturbingly wacky, miss lynnster - five star wackiness. What a terrifying thing for kids to see - wonder how many mysophobics, agoraphobics, and assorted other phobics this educational film spawned.
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So I screened this film at the University of South Carolina, trying to find out more information about Ro-Revus. Somebody said that Ro-Revus had a public TV show in the late 1960s/early 1970s and that it was a cult hit with high school kids because it was so poorly done.

One day I hope to find the Ro-Revus puppet.
posted by avgeeks at 9:21 AM on May 3, 2007

I was really surprised that a google search turned up nothing on Ro-Revus since they clearly were presenting him as though he was some kind of recognizeable character.

Curious if you find anything! And yet... scared.
posted by miss lynnster at 7:13 AM on May 4, 2007

Ohhh crap. Ohhh crap. I eat stuff off the floor all the time. I thought the 5 second rule was sacrosanct!
posted by Deathalicious at 11:56 AM on May 7, 2007

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