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A retired construction guy with a large property was bulldozing a new driveway and noticed some shiny rocks. He excavated carefully, revealing an entire forest of upright, undisturbed petrified trees (photo gallery). Soon he began cataloging and selling pieces to museums but has since stopped. More about his find. (via girlhacker)
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I love fossils! But I hate having my browser re-sized (photo gallery link). On balance, very nice post indeed.
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In Firefox, you can stop your browser from being resized by going to Options > Content > Advanced javascript settings and unticking the relevant boxes.
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What a cool find on his property. Too bad about the vultures circling every time there's fresh meat. Dude could start up a helluva ebay store!

Got to wonder about the no roots thing though. I'm curious what they come up with for that.

Only thing I've found on my property are some old bricks...
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One of the photo captions said something about the trees inhabiting a dried lake bed which later filled in with water (and even later, lava) so maybe the roots rotted away before petrification?
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That'd be my guess DU. The rotting I mean.
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Wow, that's awesome!

Makes my collection of found action figures from my yard a little less awe-inspiring (just don't tell my toddler he shouldn't be so impressed by them).
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Obviously this man is some kind of snake-haired demon, who lives with two immortal sisters in a disused temple in Libya. I would therefore avoid looking at any pictures of this man, lest one suffer the same stony metamorphosis that was the fate of these poor trees.
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Great, our first gorgonist comment. Way to go quidnunc, you latin bastard.
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You mean that guy from "Star Trek"?
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Obviously Mister_A is some kind of female personification of vengence, who torments those who have sworn a flase oath or killed their own mother. I will therefore avoid killing my own mother (although I do not swear that I will not do thus, thereby tempting fate) and instead I shall unwittingly marry my own mother and kill my father. Sorry Dad.
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Um, I checked with the other members of the Massachusetts Star Trek Society For The Preservation of Star Trek Society (society) and they assured me no mothers were killed in that episode.
I think Scotty got a hickey, though.
And the Gorgon was played by Ralph Bellamy I think.
(I left my Concordance in my Gremlin.)
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At first I was afraid.
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You really have to know these petrified wood collectors to understand that Mr. Clyde Friend is a "dead man walking".

Seriously, he is sitting on literally millions of dollars. His land can create the DeBeers of petrified wood.
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Obviously Dizzy is a lecherous divinity of shepherds and their flocks, of the wild mountain-side, of rustic folk music, and of the rustling and tremulous forests that seethe with dank and various moulds. Also he has hindquarters and horns of a goat. I will therefore quiver with fear at the touch of his hairy paw as he leads me into a dark glade to enact his wild lusts on my hitherto virginal body.
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Obviously the quidnunc kid needs to switch to decaf.

Very neat post!
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Great, our first gorgonist comment.

Nah, TQC just forgot to put the [NOT GORGONIST] in. But it was imploed by his comment.
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It's a shame natural wonders of the world like this get broken up and sold as trinkets.
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Wasn't Spock turned into a ruminant in "The Tholian Goat"?
Wish my mom would get back from her double at the Wal-Mart so I could check.
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You're thinking of "Tommorow is Last Week", where Klingons replace Kirk's mom with her identical twin, a check-out girl. Then Sulu and Checkov fuck.
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Wow, cool post. Pics #4 and #7 are amazing.

Thanks for the link to girlhacker, mathowie. Nice site.
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Check out the excavations from above!
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Those trees are clearly there to help the Tree Emperor rule in the afterlife.
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GYOF... oh, wait.

Excellent post, thanks!
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Very cool post. What an amazing thing to find in your backyard. I'd love to visit.

tqk: that episode wasn't nearly as good as The Grail on the Edge of Forever and it's stunning musical number.
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Very interesting post, thanks Matt
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So what does it take to scare a tree into being petrified?
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How beautiful. The seventh picture in the gallery is gorgeous.
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