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David Bowie: Cracked Actor – a BBC documentary circa 1974. One|Two|Three|Four|Five (53 minutes)
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From the wikipedia link if you don't feel like clicking...
Cracked Actor is a 53 minute long documentary filmed by the BBC in 1974 about David Bowie during his drug using days. It was made by Alan Yentob for the Omnibus strand, and was shown on BBC2 in the UK on January 26, 1975. The documentary shows Bowie being driven around in a limousine in between live concert footage. The footage is from one show but the documentary is made in such a way as to make you believe you are on tour with him.
The title of the documentary was originally to be "The Collector", after a comment that Bowie had made to Russell Harty the previous year, where he described himself as "a collector of accents". Yentob and his team were given the task of documenting Bowie's famous Diamond Dogs tour, which was already underway when they started filming. Locations for the documentary mainly centred around Hollywood and Los Angeles, but there was also concert footage taken from Philadelphia. A number of performances from the tour were shown including Space Oddity, Cracked Actor, Moonage Daydream, The Width Of A Circle, Aladdin Sane, Time, Diamond Dogs and John, I'm Only Dancing (Again).

The documentary has become notorious for showing footage of Bowie suffering from the ill-effects of cocaine (which he had become addicted to by this point) and also includes video of his manager Tony Defries and his new personal assistant Corinne (Coco) Schwab.

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BTW, Coco is still his assistant. She has been for 35 years now.
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I haven't seen that docu for 15 years and still know parts of it.
Except for his mimeing on stage....
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I haven't seen this since I was a kid. I remember the live performances also the the fan interviews. My brother often talk seeing this as kids. I think we seen on PBS. Nice find.
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♪ I'm only dancing ♪
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Wonderful. I'm a huge Bowie fan and hadn't seen this. Also find it fascinating how some English musicians diss England.
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Thanks for posting this, I wish I had the time right now to watch it, but I'll tag it for later viewing.
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BTW... adding up the youtube clip times I just realized there might be a few minutes missing. Most of it's there though.
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Is that Luther Vandross near the end of part 5?
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Can't wait to watch this in its entirety later. Thanks!
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Probably. "Working as both a backup singer and cowriting the song Fascination, Luther Vandross was an integral part of David Bowie's Philly soul project, Young Americans, in 1975."

And from a comment here:

"Luther came to work with Bowie through his friend Carlos Alomar. And it was Carlos who co-wrote Fame. Carlo came up with the world famous riff that James Brown later borrowed for "Hot." Luther wrote a song called "Funky Music" - Bowie borrowed the melody and called it "Fascination" and included it in Young Americans, which also included Fame, and featured Carlos and Luther."
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He's just the coolest.
I can't define it, or articulate it.
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Lord, I'd almost forgotten what this love feels like. Thirty years on and I still love The Man Who Sold the World.

Thank you ever so much, Miss Lynster!
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F***in rocks!! Thanks.
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I've wanted to watch this for years. Thank you very much!
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He's divine. It's like the entire eighties was based on this guy.
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