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Who is in the primary position? Abbott & Costello, Bard-style. (singlelinkyoutubefilter)
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Not particularly original.
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Forsooth, a comedy of ERAs.
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buddy: HOO KIN HAZ 1ST
loosr: WHUT U SAY
buddy: WTF
loosr: CYA BYE
buddy: OMG HAY

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Rummaging around Flapjack's link will turn up this WMV video... quality.

"Lay on Macduff! And watch out for that breaking stuff!"
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Love this.
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that was very simply brilliant.
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I love me some codShakespeare! Thanks for the link.
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Zounds! Verily I say unto thee such magnanimous rapture as to enchant upon mine eyes as two uproarious quantities so angelic as yet demonic as to befit my life's stature with brilliance and happiness beyond imaginings. Were it but gravity's decree that I be wafted about the firmament so! To witness The Bard's diligent and fortright approach to the Queen's English in the same breath as that glorious pair of stout burlesque jesters some generations and centuries hence -- a manner fit for royalty, gentry, peasantry, and coventry alike! Surely it doth swell my bosom and leave my austere journeyman's gut near fit to bursting with sidesplitting laughter upon wondrous detail. These two brash upstarts of this century have but swung wide as the bowler's storm approacheth and I dare say it be cricket! Thy ball be flying untowards the heavens and it be out of the park.

Wow. It's cool to see Shakespeare style language used with Abbot & Costello's famous routine in this way. I've loved both approaches to comedy all my life. I think this would appeal to most anybody. Really, it left me laughing out loud. Whoever those two guys were who performed this, they hit a home run out of the park. =)

I stand proudly with a toothy grin in response to their efforts and wish them hardy well upon the journey that life has in store for them. May it be hearty and involve large women. Come, Patsy!
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Abbot and Costello bloopers
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That was wonderful, thank you
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It's almost too well written, the level of detail and appreciation of both the Bard and Abbot and Costello's famous routine is staggeringly good. But after awhile I had fatigue, and can't begin to imagine how they memorized it!!!
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that. was. awesome.
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A fine and worthy tribute to both sources.
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I couldn't get past the first 10 seconds. Ouch.
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Would like to add that National Lampoon did something vaguely similar to this many moons ago. I recall the voices being that guy who played Squiggy on Laverne and Shirley and that guy who does all the 'other' voices on The Simpsons. However, it wasn't a take on Shakespeare. They were instead trying to 'modernize' the classic routine by not using baseball. They used classic rock bands instead, and keep in mind back then they weren't 'classic rock' bands. If memory serves, National Lampoon almost predates Woodstock.

The Who was on [stage] first, [i forget which] was on second and Yes was on third. It was terrible. Horrendous. Painful to listen to. I thought no one could ever do justice to Abbott & Costello by putting a different spin on it like this, but I was wrong. This is fun.

It's not entirely novel though. I used to frequent renaissance faires and the bulk of the stage entertainment involved two guys dressed in the regalia of the time entertaining the audience for a half hour with witty repartee and word lunacy that admittedly puts at least Martin & Lewis to shame if not A&C. One of the best acts of this kind in the country is Don Juan & Miguel. They don't do 'who's on first' but their routines have a brash and jovial nature about them which certainly echoes burlesque.
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