Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else
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Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else is Lee Hartsfeld's mp3-blog. He posts mostly pre-1960 music, most ripped from his extensive lp collection. Genres he posts include gospel, christian comedy, elevator music, space age exotica mood lounge pop and odd Beatles covers.
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Thanks for the post, Kattullus, I'm always happy to learn about another music blog. Ya can't have too many!

On the top page you linked to first, with his most recent entry, the blogger seems to have a bit of a beef with WFMU's Beware of the Blog. Censorship issues, says he. Hmmm...
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Wow. Quite the criticism of the WFMU blog there.

WFMU is pretty much my favorite blog in the whole intarwebs, but I can actually sympathize with the criticism (if not the anger). When you're writing about "outsider" music, there's a real fine line between appreciation and gawking. The line is made even finer by the fact that most of the people you're writing about know that they're funny.
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Great stuff. Especially the space age exotica mood lounge pop. I love that this is being done. So much music is sitting offline gathering dust, and it takes dedicated enthusiasts to transfer it to digital and scan the covers. Lot of work, and hopefully this will help preserve some of it for posterity. Glad he makes downloads so easy.
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Nice post!

I'm not familiar with the WFMU blog; I used to enjoy the station, but if he's correct that they delete dissenting comments but "retain the sarcastic responses to the censored post after erasing the original words," then they're assholes, I don't care how hip they are.
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Your man has had a bit of a beef with WFMU for a while - the ongoing and incredibly tedious flood of Christian comedy posts were all to score points against a single post at WFMU. I've taken to skipping the words and just clicking the links to download the often incredible music posted.
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Aww damn. Had I seen the top entry I would've held the post back a few days. Not because I think WFMU is sacrosanct, but because his fraught relationship with Beware of the Blog (and Huffington Post) is not what draws me to the site. When I started to write the post the silly picture was the top entry. Oh well. I don't see it stopping anyone from checking out the music, so no harm is done.
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New iTunes playlist. "Weird Beatles' Covers"
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Thank you, kat.
Owe ya a Rhode Island Red.
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My iPod thanks you.
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I am going nuts trying to eat a huge bowl of noodles while downloading ALL OF THIS. NOODLES! MUSIC! NOO--

*head, belly asplode*
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I don't know Dizzy, I'd appreciate the gift, but I fear, what with having a cat, the apartment would become a battlefield. And I don't know who'd come out on top, the cat or the chicken...

...oh, the beer! Anytime, anytime. Speaking of, maybe I should see if there's interest for a Providence/Southeastern New England meetup.
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(In 1971 when I was 9 years old I spent six weeks at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim and they played "Pagan Love Song" every hour on the hour.
Jeezus God Jeezus God I hadn't heard that song in 35 years.
I can still smell the Monorail.)
(I may seek professional help.)
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Yes I will buy you beer lots of beer lots and lots to get that song out of my head.
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One grape space age exotica mood lounge popsicle, please! And hold the cheese!
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O shit this is good.
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I Want You to Be My Baby (1955) is rockin!
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Nice. Could you add the tag mp3?
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I too love BOTB, but yes, their comments are over-moderated.
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Ben Greenman has a great post up at M-worx.
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