Leave the Guns, Bring the Nolli
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The Nolli Plan. In 1748, Giambattista Nolli drew one of the most detailed and accurate maps ever created for the city of Rome. Improving on the Buffalini Plan of 1551 [interactive link to zoom], Nolli’s plan was drawn to an incredible precision, going as far as revealing public interior spaces in a stark figure-ground relationship. The Interactive Nolli Map allows you to overlap transparencies of the modern city to see how little has changed and how precise Nolli’s measurements were. Piranesi’s maps – however fanciful- were also inspired by Nolli’s achievements.
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When in Rome, I prefer to navigate by the Severan Marble Plan.
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That interactive map is really quite cool. I like how when you compare the satellite view with the Nolli map by changing the transparency, you can see that with a really old city, 259 years just isn't enough to warrant changing the street layouts.
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Nice post. This is making me want to go back to Rome so bad. Such a beautiful city. Certain times of day, when those big tolling cathedral bells start ringing simultaneously, and the light falls just so on those warm reddish and ochre buildings... damn.
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I do love this sort of thing, thank you.
Now the plans are out there, when do we get the Lego reconstruction?
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What a great find! Thanks!
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Beautiful and mesmerizing, especially switching back and forth between Nolli and the satellite. Some of Mussolini's bigger sins are particularly evident that way -- big straight roads cutting right through the middle of Nolli's beautiful work.
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Where's the 3D Google Earth version? Meh.

Seriously, nice links. I love old maps.
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Oh, that's good, many thanks
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