A story of one man's search for the meaning of mortality and a nice pair of pants, maybe with pleats.
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Possibly the greatest comic-book ever written about a dead man wandering through Hell in search of his pants, Stig's Inferno is available online! Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
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About the author, courtesy of Wikipedia...
Ty Templeton is a popular Canadian comic book artist and writer who has drawn a number of popular mainstream titles, TV-associated titles and his own series.
He first received attention for Stig's Inferno (Vortex Comics), now a cult favourite, which detailed the journey of its lead character into Hell in a parody of Dante's Divine Comedy. He has gone on to do titles for Marvel Comics, DC Comics including Batman Adventures, The Simpsons for Bongo, and many others. He also created his own graphic novel, Bigg Time, published by DC Comics adult brand, Vertigo. He is currently editor of an independent Canadian comic company, Mr.Comics and is writing the main title Planet of the Apes.
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Great find, thank you.
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Huge thanks for this! I used to have the collected version, but got rid of it when I "outgrew comics". Stig's Inferno is probably the only one I got rid of that I still think about and miss. For a while I tried to steal Ty Templeton's drawing style, but qickly realized that his skills were out of my league. Thanks again - so much for getting to bed before Midnight.
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Is this the same Ty Templeton that did Adolescent Radioactive Black-Belt Hamsters? I loved that comic.
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Wikipedia says that ARBBH was "written by Don Chin and originally illustrated by Parsonavich and later by Sam Kieth. Goddamn, Sam Keith, seriously.

I haven't even thought about ARBBH in ages. Man, that cues some flashbacks, let me tell you...
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I don't suppose there's a collection of this in book form available anywhere.
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Ty Templeton has lots of issued about his dad.


I mean, that guy won't shut up about... oh, forget it.
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It appears to be out of print, but I would be shocked if you couldn't find the collection in any half-reputable comic shop. I've got the collection, but it doesn't include a lot of the back-up and bonus material (not necessary to the story but hilarious nonetheless). If you like what you see I'd highly endorse hunting down a copy because that artwork is fantastic and really rewards the reader with all sorts of peripheral jokes that may not come through in the scanned pages.
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Very cool - I'd never actually heard of this (or the writer) until now, but I'm also not especially comic-literate. Reminds me a lot of Dave Sims, and it looks like Jhonen Vasquez took a lot of influence (but none of the subtlety or, you know, actual humor) from this too... neat!
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Yeah, Parsonovich did the regulars until Kieth took over but Ty definitely did the 3-D stuff. It was really good.
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and it looks like Jhonen Vasquez took a lot of influence

Well, except that this Templeton guy can, y'know, draw. And his pages aren't an unreadable mess.
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Cool, although I think it might be dying under the weight of internet interest.
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Well, except that this Templeton guy can, y'know, draw. And his pages aren't an unreadable mess.

Well, yeah. That's what I was going for.
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Thanks for this, I saw ads for this in Black Kiss and Mr. X when it was out, but never got it. Always kinda wanted to track it down.

Squidfartz, ever see "Dissecting Mister Fleming," from Wasteland? Yeah. That's some issues.
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Pretty cool. I'll have to check this out. I would love to read about the radioactive Black-Belt hampsters. LOL
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Is pretty good! Shame it stopped after seven issues.
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Made my day.

And it's a Thursday!
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