King of the Road:
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King of the Road: A summary of Oedipus, of course. Who says all that time looking for personalized plates doesn't pay off? Anyone care to find Ulysses?
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Noooo! creappity! Meant to go here . $#%ing Opera.
posted by salsamander at 8:50 AM on March 1, 2001

G, nothing better than making it easier for whomever you ran over to remember your plate.... not that you run over people or you know rob banks or anything.. no.

felix 'dabam9' tiaka.
posted by tiaka at 8:56 AM on March 1, 2001

Sure, blame it on Opra, er, I mean Opera.
posted by fatbaq at 8:57 AM on March 1, 2001



that's funny.
posted by o2b at 9:09 AM on March 1, 2001


(OK, I made them up.)
posted by jpoulos at 9:09 AM on March 1, 2001

I can't find a list of personalized plates in CA, but there is a search engine where you can check the database of personalized plates. And here's the Book-A-Minute version of Homer's The Odyssey. That should be all you need to waste your afternoon.
posted by iceberg273 at 9:19 AM on March 1, 2001

Once saw a prim-looking 50ish woman driving a car bearing the plates IN2CUFS. I barely stayed on the road. Now it's possible that her plate may be preserved for posterity if anyone pursues the possibilities of vanity plate femdom erotica.
posted by gimli at 9:38 AM on March 1, 2001

I saw a great one in Santa Fe: a 60-ish man and his comb-over in leather jacket, blasting something loud from his top-down green Mustang convertible. License plate? VAMPYR, of course.
posted by methylsalicylate at 10:03 AM on March 1, 2001

My vote for the creepiest among the plates used in this piece: "FLESH"

posted by argybarg at 10:34 AM on March 1, 2001

Thanks for the link to Book-A-Minute. It certainly made my afternoon.
posted by trox at 10:47 AM on March 1, 2001

My vote for the creepiest among the plates used in this piece: "FLESH"

I dunno...who would advertise as being "OEDIPUS"??? Ickypoo.

posted by ChrisTN at 10:51 AM on March 1, 2001

I think the best I've seen is ZEMPF, but I think I'm only voting for that one cause it's mine.
posted by zempf at 11:00 AM on March 1, 2001

A couple of months ago, I got a picture of an SUV going down the road with the license plate "B OTCH." Back in Virginia, a neighbor in my apartment complex had the plate "ANA L."
posted by phichens at 6:12 PM on March 1, 2001

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