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Yesterday, Design*Sponge added a city guide for Toronto to their small but growing list of Guides. The list also includes a Letter Press Guide, an Affordable Art Guide, a Gift Guide (2006), and guides for Brooklyn and LA.
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How can you possibly talk about the eats in the Distillery, and not mention Perigee?

And God! Parkdale! What about Mitzi's Sister? Freshwood Grill? Tinto? Queen of bloody Tarts for crying out loud!
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Very cool overall -- I wish there was a little more kistch, but that's me. The LA Guide also describes Silver Lake as "LA's version of Williamsburg." I always thought of NYC as the East Coast's version of LA.
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Although I don't read it toooo often (I'm a consumer whore with a small 'c') I very much admire the classy way Grace has developed the D*S site(s) and I'm thankful you pointed these guides out: I hadn't known of them before. I was also impressed with some prompt and detailed advice she gave to an email enquiry I made last year.
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Your favourite cool place in sucks.

Great site, lovely design and great find - now if only she'd come and do a guide for San Francisco...

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whoops, forgot about the weird linkage - I meant to say "your favourite cool place in *insert current cool location here* sucks. d'oh.

it's early yet.
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I love how Moleskine was going to do this years ago and all these other brands are beating them to market.
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Looks neat, but I could really go for less of the microscopic font and near total lack of capitalization. (Oooh, you don't believe in capitals, you're soo edgy! Do you have a livejournal?)
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The Toronto guide left out some 'cool' neighbourhoods, but otherwise seems spot on.
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Thank god it left out the 'cool' neighborhoods. Hey, have you heard of a cool new bar called the "Drake"?

(MetaFilter you ho, this is all your fault!)
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