Where are we running?
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Joggers decked out in short shorts and iPods running alongside the road are common, but have you ever seen someone running backward? Backward running has been growing in popularity for years in many countries across the world where competitive races vary in length from sprints to marathons. This very different form of exercise is reputed to have many health benefits, despite the very obvious dangers of not being able to see where one is going. Think you can beat the current world records for backward running? If so, then this is the person you're going to need to try and beat...
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KO! Beer was I ere I saw Reebok.
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There's definitely something similar in traditional Chinese medical thinking; you often see old fellas backwards-walking in the parks as part of their daily work-outs.
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Nice post! We used to do backward-running drills in Cross Country when I was in high school. If you can find a quiet, obstacle-free bit of running space, it's really, really fun.
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Backwards speed skating?
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Spike Milligan thought of it first.
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You kids today think you have it tough? Well, when I was your age, we ran backwards, and we liked it.
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I heard the Yeti's feet are set on backwards to allow for easier climbing uphill. Also, to flummox those trying to track him...
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raab himself, running innovator: CKY3... youtube nsfw (Yes, even at this hour!)
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I've jogged sections of the local trail (Washington & Old Dominion) backwards to help stretch after a longer run, and sometimes just for fun. It's a blast, but I'm always worried I'm going to fall off one side or trip over something.
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The burning shame of being different would negate any health benefits.
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