John Cullum to star in off-Broadway musical URINETOWN!
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John Cullum to star in off-Broadway musical URINETOWN! No comment, other than I like the fact that none of Cullum's tv credits (Northern Exposure, ER) are mentioned in the article.
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That's great. Personally, I think it's wonderful to see one of Greg Kotis' plays professionally produced. Greg was a perennial all-star of the Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind cast in New York for a while, and I followed him and his wife after the TMLMTBGB cast stopped performing there.

I actually saw the first public reading of Urinetown a few years ago, and with the exception of some tweaking that needed to be done to the ending, I thought it was amazing in its own little way. If you like off-Broadwy productions and have the chance to see it, I'd highly recommend it.
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Plays like "Shopping and Fucking" and "The Vagina Monologues" are proving that provocative titles=box office.

From my own experience, my longest-running performance in the fringe theater scene--nearly six months--was in a wonderful comedy called "Poona the Fuckdog and Other Stories for Children." Thank the stars it was actually a good show (he says, totally without bias).
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Cullum (who I think is an oustanding actor) has a reputation for picking plays with bizarre titles.

Back in 1982, he took the lead (and I believe directed) a play that started in Knoxville, Tenn., before making a (deservedly) brief appearance on Broadway. My best recollection was that the plot involved the deathrow musings of a rural murderer/rapist.

The name of the play: "The Conversion of Buster Drumwright."

As Dave Berry often says, I am not making this up.
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New York New York, it's a yellowva town / the ballcock's up and the stopper is down / the urine swirls through a hole in the ground / New York New York!

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Lileks, on a scale of 1 to 10, urinate.

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Poona the Fuckdog and Other Stories for Children...

Wow Skot. You were in Poona? That was such a fun show.
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Now, in an exclusive West Coast Revival, Ticketmaster is proud to present, Fuckdog, Redux!
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