Contemporary Chinese photography
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An interesting collection of contemporary Chinese photography at “Meeting place Foto Fest Beijing 2006”. Among the 34 portfolios: Shackled prisoners, Children’s IDs, an actor awaiting his entrance by Luo Dan, the symmetrical works of Li Nan, images by Xu Yong and Li Yu. Many more inside. Click to enlarge. (Via)
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A brilliant reinterpretation of Joe Rosenthal's Iwo Jima flagraising.
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This is marvelous, growabrain - thanks! I like the selections you highlighted. I also love Lu Nan's Four Seasons portfolio. Also, Yang Yan Kang's work - this image is delightful.

Still browsing, this is great.
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Tons of intriguing and interesting images to explore there. Thanks growabrain.

China is so vast and complex in every way, much like India. There's no one group of photographs that can depict anything but a small part of the culture, especially now that the ancient past of the culture is slamming bizarrely into the techno-digital present.

Wonder what's happening here, in the shackled prisoners group.
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Oh, meant to post this great image from Yu Wen Hao, too.
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Thanks for this, growabrain. My favorite, yet I've hardly looked.
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Wonderful. Thanks for the post.
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Thanks for this post. The images of the natives of North East China, intrigue me. I love the real feel of these austere lives, lived in a cold climate, with great warmth.
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