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tony draws, eric writes, igor directs, tmbg sing - all in uncensored maakimation: the drinky crow show, ep. 0 (youtube, for foreigners). help a beleaguered publisher - vote for the pilot.
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man, much as I love fantagraphics, voting on adult swim shows is the kind of thing that I hope doesn't garner a lot of blog support for one particular show. pretty much everyone trying to get on adult swim is a beleaguered something even if it's just a beleaguered animator or writer, and they're all deserving in one way or another of their shot at success.

thanks for this either way, though.
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More, directly from Millionaire
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anthill writes "The (arguably) funnier SNL animations from the 90s"

I don't think there's much of an argument, actually. I was really disappointed in the new version. Looks bad, sounds bad, the tone is all off, as is the pacing. The SNL shorts were pretty close to pitch-perfect, though.
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leave to the pros? no chance. keep on suckin
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In this new version, the voice of Uncle Gabby sounds eerily similar to that of Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan.
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The cartoon where Drinky buys a gun is good. The new cartoons aren't as dark, but they're 10 times more violent! I kind of wish they would show off more of his architectural drawing style, and less CG blobby things.
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one vote for superjail
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I prefer my Maakies in black and white. They're crustier that way.
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Is it just me, or is that after a little success, Adult Swim has just given up completing on editing?
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I liked it and thought it was very pretty for CG. Compared to most of the other pilots they showed last night, it totally deserves to be greenlit.
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Well, my five year old wandered in just at the point where Uncle Gabby was slit in half. He found the river of entrails gag hilarious. So there's a big thumbs up from the pre-K audience for ya.

(anthill- thx for those SNL clips. Great stuff!)
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Holy derail shit!! SUPERJAIL!

Also: Fat Guy Stuck in the Internet ... old version here
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Superjail is pretty good.
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Superjail made me listen to two irritating advertisements for products unavailable in my country then failed to load. I don't like Superjail.
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The SNL shorts were pretty close to pitch-perfect, though.

I disagree vehemently. The SNL shorts sucked. They were pretty much direct translations of the strip to animation, which didn't work because it didn't take any advantage of the new form.

This new show, though, takes Maakies to the next step. It has a real 60s Yellow Submarine vibe to it, and the drawings are more painstaking and Tony Millionaire-like, and the plot lines move quicker. I dig it.
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I predict this will be a terrible idea and will bomb.

I like maakies imaginative art work a great deal. But generally the "story" is pretty venal and depressing. I can't see how that will be any more interesting seeing it "move." Or hearing it sing.

Eh. If it gets the guy some money I guess I am all for it. I doubt I'll watch it. I sure as shit wouldn't let my kids watch it.
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I loved this, but then I'm a complete sucker for Tony Millionaire. Thanks for the post!

(TM previously on MeFi.)
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Fantagraphics is "beleaguered?"

I hadn't heard that...

Gee. I wonder why?
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"Listen Drinky, let me clear something up for you. If it's horrible, it exists, if it's beautiful, you're imagining it!"

Awesome! I was expecting something horrible to hear you guys go on about it. Yet I've seen those SNL shorts a half dozen times by now, and overall, I like this better, even if the computer animation could stand to have some of the kinks worked out.
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