Plupon, a short and lovely game.
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Plupon is a shockwave game. The object is to match up 3 descending numbered spheres so that they make up either 10 or 20. Click on the spheres to add them together. There are 7 levels.
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I hate this game because I'm drunk. Otherwise it's great fun.
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... For me to Plupon!
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96000 points at the end.
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I've lost all confidence in my ability to do simple arithmetic now.
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I'd like to see this for the DS.
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On the third level, I got nothing but 1s, 2s and 3s. Unless I'm missing something, this made it impossible. Didn't it?
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Ah, I wasn't aware you could add together any three spheres and then use that number to make your 10 or 20. Makes a bit more sense now.
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This is a very poorly designed game. It is easily possible to get drops in the higher levels that will not add to 0 in any particular way; in my last game I got a bunch of 9s, 8s, and 7s to start level 4. There was literally no possible way to survive.
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Two 8s and a 7 give you a 3 and a slight deduction. That, an 8, and a 9 give you two bubbles towards win.

It can be nearly impossible to get a perfect pass through a level, but if you're frantic enough with the clicking it's never really impossible.
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Malor -- were you not able to "stall" the higher numbers long enough for smaller ones to show up?
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You can also add the numbers up to get 20.
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If you combine 3 '0' spheres into one, you get 10000 points, but it doesn't count towards the mergers needed to finish the level. Oh, and 20 point mergers count as two 10 point mergers when it comes to finish the level.
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