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FlightMemory.com You must remember this: Passengers can wax nostalgic about flights they made and missed. Launched in Germany last year, this free site made its English-language debut last month.
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print "Sat in a chair for a few hours - had some pretzels.";

posted by icosahedral at 8:24 PM on May 14, 2007

Maybe they made a lot of single serving friends.
posted by IronLizard at 9:19 PM on May 14, 2007

I'd post my flightmemory tag, but MeFi filters out imgs. So here is the link.

On the upside I should be adding about six flights this summer. Yeah for aviation!
posted by SirOmega at 9:30 PM on May 14, 2007

Interesting. Now if only they had a section where we could find the people whom we've had interesting discussions with on the planes...
posted by rmm at 10:36 PM on May 14, 2007

Cool, although it'll take days for me to update all the flight info I have. I'm already twice around the world and a fifth of the way to the moon.
posted by myopicman at 11:48 PM on May 14, 2007

It needs an easier way to put in flights with layovers other than putting each leg in separately. Automatically populating the return leg(s) of a roundtrip itinerary would be nice, too.

Otherwise, a fun bit of airplane geekery.
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