A man named Pearl
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Pearl Fryar just wanted to win Yard of the Month back in 1984. Today his Bishopville, SC garden may be the most original example of outsider art in Southeastern America, and a tourist destination in it's own right.
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Very cool.
posted by ND¢ at 7:34 AM on May 16, 2007

Thanks for this. It's going in my "tourist destination" bookmarks. I love going to see stuff like this when I travel.
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I really like this. I've always wanted to fill my yard with shrubbery polyhedra.
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His name is Pearl. He's a gardener. Now that's a guy who's secure in his manhood. Good on him! Lesser men named Pearl would've ended up overcompensating or shooting their daddy.
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Oh, and cool yard.
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So freakin' awesome.
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That is not too far from where I live; it definitely looks worth a side trip when I am in the area.
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Yup. Good old Lee County. The pride of South Carolina.

And people thought there wasn't much to the place after that whole Lizard Man mess died down. That was back around Scapeore swamp. Scapeore = escaped whore, it got its name when, well, you can figure it out. If I've got it right in my head that's not too far from Pearl's place.

Lee County is the only place I've heard of that within a 20 mile radius or so has a medium security prison, with a maximum security wing, a solid waste disposal facility, and a nuclear power plant.

Just wanted to share a little of the local flavor. After all, I'd put the over/under for something located there to make the MeFi front page at right around 6.5 years. It would probably be for something crime related, or maybe an 'expose' on public education.

And yes, Pearl Fryar does have a fantastic yard.
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It's like a topiary version of Watts Towers. Very cool.
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I keep meaning to drive out there one Saturday. Apparently, you just show up at his house and he's happy to see you.
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Ah, Bishopville. Small-town South Carolina. Sigh.
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Neat. I was just thinking about awesome yards like this after I saw the Flower Man at the Houston art car parade this weekend. Nice to see more!
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Holy crap that's cool. I always thought topiaries--while appreciable in their difficulty to create and maintain--were kind of silly. But Pearl's made some gems out of shrubbery. I love this abstract/pagoda/pyramid hedge.
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Very nice, thanks 1f2frfbf. I’m reminded of François Houtin’s artwork.
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Saw the documentary back in October, and it was very well-done. Hopefully it'll get released on DVD or shown on cable or put online or something, as it deserves wider exposure.
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What makes him an outsider artist?
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The fact that he has no formal training, primarily.
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And if you were riffing on the fact that his work is done outside, then I'm just dense today. Feel free to ignore me.
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The topiary house number near the curb is awesome. Completely. I'm not so sure what's terribly "original" about topiary, though...?
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No, DevilsAdvocate, I was genuinely asking. I had been under the misapprehension that outsider art meant crazy people or something.
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It did, at one time, apparently.
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 9:20 PM on May 16, 2007

Wonderful. Thanks for pointing this out.
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