The Darwin Correspondence Project
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Darwin wrote to 2000 people during his life; 14,500 of these letters still survive. The Darwin Correspondence Project is putting annotated transcriptions of these online, and they've covered about 5,000 so far, including a letter written when he was 12 after he had got into trouble with his sister for not washing regularly while at school. There's an intro here. See also Darwin Online, discussed here. And the prolific network theorist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi has co-authored a paper on statistical similarities between Darwin's and Einstein's correspondence (#51 on the list).
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Wow... this is AWESOME. Thanks!
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Might I add:

"why I only wash my fett once a month at school, which I confess is nasty"

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I love this one: "The scheme is a most magnificent one. We spend about 2 years in S America, the rest of time larking round the world"

The Glutton Club, which is referred to in the above letter, was a Cambridge dining club devoted to seeking out "strange flesh" — they met weekly to dine on the most obscure animals they could find. Darwin was the club's President.
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I'd like to point out that unlike my RL analogue, my hygiene is impeccable. Cheers for this, carter.
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This is a terrific post! Stuff like this reminds me of why I love the internet so much. I am constantly bewildered by the sheer amount of information available to us twenty-four hours a day.
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Very cool. Thanks!
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This is excellent and a really interesting project. One of those ideas I'd wish I'd come up with.
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I am not sure why the sttistical stuff on Darwin/Einstein. Darwin wrote often to people he did not know in order to get materials for his work at his home, which he mostly stayed at after his Beagle voyage; Einstein, by contrast, wrote mostly about getting jobs, his views on politics, Zionism, awards, jobs etc and not nearly as much on the work he is noted for.
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Pffft! Like Darwin is actually real.
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This is wonderful. Thanks!
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Absolutely fantastic site! Curious though, they say thanks to the family for "giving permission for publication". Surely these materials are in the public domain?
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