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All the ads for Hulett Environmental Services have three things in common: bizarre themes, comically low production values, and an all-dwarf cast. For 17 years, diminutive brothers Greg & John Rice have written, produced & starred in a number of insane spots for their pest control company. My personal favorite is this Star Trek themed one, but really they're all pretty awesome.
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God bless regional local ads. As a sad footnote, John Rice passed away in Nov of 2005, but Greg isn't letting this deter him, continuing to make the spots but casting himself in multiple roles using the magic of editing.
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Ant Roundup
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I saw one of these on a visit to Florida once, and have been trying to convince myself I didn't halucinate ever since then.

Thank you. I think.
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Man, I love local advertising.
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It's like a mini

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Don't/Didn't these guys also do an informercial for real estate seminars or some other get rich quick thing a while back?

If there was a channel that showed nothing but this guy's infomercials, I would never leave the house.
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I'm fascinated with this genre of commercials, and I've actually been thinking about an AskMe post for the past few days to find out more.

In my hometown it was a used car salesman: We'll smash any price![Queue wrecking ball to fall on car in junkyard.]

We also had a guy on a horse who would scream a lot. I think he sold mattresses. Or maybe lumber.

See also: The Consumerist's Great Moments in Commercial History.
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Wikipedia entry and this note in shortsupport.org: "The Rice Twins went into real estate, became millionaires, and created a multimillion-dollar motivational speaking company called Think BIG!.... In 1990, John and Greg went into the pest control business, becoming partners in Hulett Environmental Services and improved sales by 800 percent in just seven years."
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I don't find little people inherently funny, but these guys are kind of awesome as a whole package. They're clearly intelligent, good-humored individuals who know how to work themselves. Bless 'em.

Hey, did you know that Michael Anderson, The Man From Another Place on Twin Peaks and Samson from Carnivale, used to work for NASA? Now you do.
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Yes, but did they ever make a full length motion picture?
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Man, sticherbeast... that's just AWESEOME. That's the best local commercial I've seen in years... surreal. Absolutely difficult to believe it's not a parody. When the clearly male voiced eagle squats & craps out an egg full of discount auto insurance, it's just sublime.
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"And speaking of incredible commercials."

Oh my God, what did that bird just do?! And what the fuck was that thing that popped out?

These commercials remind me, I've been meaning to take a trip down to Steven's Creek Blvd. or go across from the Dumphrey and beat down Paul from the Diamond Center.
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Sticherbeast writes 'And speaking of incredible commercials.'

Don of Don's Guns is just fabulous:

"I don't want to make any money, folks. I just LOVE to rent guns. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

You'd need that Desert Eagle with a freak like him in the vicinity.
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