The Jesus Christ Superstore
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The Jesus Christ Superstore (supposedly) sells action figures, modeled after Jesus, the Pope, Buddha, Krishna, and more. "Putting the fun back into fundamentalism and the laughter into sectarian slaughter." (Yeah, it's a novelty link. But it's a good one.)
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I couldn't help but notice that Buddha is pretty buff for a big guy, and Allah's, um, invisible.

Cute idea. But when they actually start carrying stock, then maybe this'll ascend to a higher concept/plane.
posted by chicobangs at 9:15 PM on March 1, 2001

“look closely at thumbnails to view larger images”

LOL ... that’s hilarious.
posted by gleemax at 11:05 PM on March 1, 2001

yikes. watch the toes.

I am not offended by these personally, but I could definately see some individuals and groups getting real pissy about these action figures.

worth a good laugh though in my book.
posted by howa2396 at 11:11 PM on March 1, 2001

Note the price tags- "$life.soul"
posted by zempf at 5:56 AM on March 2, 2001

A bit off-topic...I'm always intrigued by who got stuck with .net domains, and who got the .com

In this case, strangely, Ecrush, a pseudo-matchmaker service for teenage girls, owns Just plain weird.
posted by jpoulos at 6:33 AM on March 2, 2001

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