Penny Farthing World Tour
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Joff Summerfield is riding his penny farthing around the world. Check his progress in his online diary.
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posted by ND¢ at 1:57 PM on May 18, 2007

I would not want to true that wheel.
posted by GuyZero at 2:02 PM on May 18, 2007

Fixed gear!
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Holy crap, I take that back. The guy actually built the bike with an internal hub gear. Neat-o.
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... tibal band friction syndrome
... knees give out again
... Fractured knee and elbow
... broken arm and wrist

Huh, I wonder why these bikes never caught on?
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He thinks he's riding around the world, but in reality, he never leaves The Village.

-Number 206
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holy horrible HTML.
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So, you don't like the old-time bikes, huh?
(kicks Homer in face)

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This was at the ancient site of Philippi but it was all ruined when I got there! (caption to one of his pics)

A sense of humor is helpful considering the miles he has to go.
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Around the world? A penny farthing goes farther than I thought, these days.
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Sooner or later, he's got to find the box social he's looking for.
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Fuck this guy.
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It's like a unicycle with a training wheel. Only the Mark I has a hub gear, all the others are fixies I think (maybe singlespeeds).
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There was a guy who road one of these things around TriBeCa, and he leaned it against a pole to duck into a store. He was sure surprised when he came out and it was gone. I imagined some guy with his head down, looking frantically back behind himself, speeding up the Westside Highway.
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