Do you know what it takes to make Ormitha Macarounada?
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The 2007 University of Chicago Scavenger Hunt is concluded. Here is this year's hilarious and often cryptic list of items. [pdf!] [Official Scav Hunt Page] [U. Chicago News.] [Wikipedia.]
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I was down in the pub beneath Ida Noyes last week and I saw all the judges down their with their judge shirts on.
After a couple pitchers I sauntered up to the table and was like, "Hey! How do I get to be a judge?" Actually, it was probably more like, "Ssshey - Hosha doee beyah jush?"
Anyway, one neck-bearded fellow stood up and shook my hand, and said,
"Well, there are actually three rather complex parts to becoming a new judge. First, and this is usually carried out before the beginning of the semester, -"
at which point I walked away.
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Goddamn that would be fun.
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Cool. From the Wikipedia page I see there are two documentaries on the Scav Hunt -- The Hunt [2002] and Scavengers [2007].
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Video results for scavhunt at YouTube.
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Thanks ericb!

::wishes he had thought to do that first::
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my friend Joe used to be involved with this, and I saw some pictures of him in a few of those links. Hooray, I'm two degrees of separation from an FPP!
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Hey, wait. Baby_Balrog lives in Hyde Park? wtf? and since when?

I propose a Jimmy's or Ida Noyes meetup when I'm back in Chicago at the end of June. Screw those north side trixies.
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No Osama bin Laden?
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someone I know was involved in this - she's in the 'Phoenix Wright at the Law School' YouTube bit.
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This is not a number--this is an item! Craft us a soap bubble that would scare the bejeezus out of Patrick McGoohan. [6 points]

Pure genius.
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I never really did ScavHunt because they never included anything I could find between the couch cushions while smoking weed. You always had to like, go places and shit.

There's a shitload of Chicago folks on here, I've noticed.
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Wait, Shoreland's still on the list. I thought they sold it a couple years ago? I fucking loved Shoreland BEST DORM EVER.
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Not Chicago, but a Decaturian. If we get something going, make it a weekend and I might just be able to make it. I get sick of the only MeFi in the area being my ex-wife. A little weak in the enjoyable socialization arena...
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They sold the Shoreland, but under terms that allow them to keep it open as a dorm for a while. The University just exercised their option to keep it open through 2008-2009, so it's not being turned into condos just yet.
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I was there. It rocked. I played as an alum for the Snell-Hitchcock team. We won!

I was captain of this team for two years (we won then, too), so I would say I am a pretty die-hard scavvie. My boyfriend took two days off work for it.

This is one of those phenomena that is truly impossible to imagine from the outside. One can read the list and get a sense of some of the items, but the mindset of actually doing scav is a much more intense and immediate experience. You eat poorly, you sleep very little, you are completely wrapped up in the quasi-nationalism of team spirit, you are doing a million silly things all at once, you lose your voice from yelling, you have way too much fun to really think about the insanity of some of the things you are doing. It is for me a deep and almost spiritual form of play.

This year I was less involved but still managed to make some lasting bonds, act foolish in any number of ways, and end up exhausted and oddly disappointed to return to reality. I hope I am still doing this when I am forty, if my team will still have me back.
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mai - I see that teams often have a common affiliation -- residence hall, etc. On average how many people are on an individual team and how many people overall participate? Or, is that difficult to ascertain?
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#87 ftw.
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I remember the hunt from 1987 when I was a 2nd year living at Woodward Court. We ended up road-tripping through Indiana, Michigan and into Canada. We made it back with a one-eyed piglet, a bale of hay, a book of matches from Hell, Michigan, a marriage license, and a bunch of other contraband. It was a tremendous time - I'm glad to see that 20 years later it is still going strong!
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97: We give you a piece of chalk. You give us the flow chart of the history of rock according to Dewey
Finn—from memory, of course. Be ready to answer questions about it too, ’cause it’s a long way to
the top if you wanna rock ’n’ roll.

Calcareous nannoplankton Get It On and makes more nannoplankton. They then secrete calcareous plates called coccoliths around their Al Green beings --> From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea, they get eaten. All the plankton that get to the bottom of the sea floor go there in the time honored way: Jumping Someone Else's Train, the feces train. Without poop, they would dissolve as they passed through the calcite compensation depth. We call this The Cure. For Preservation! --> After a Long Long While, since Time Is On their Side, You Got Them Rocking! Through Continental Drift, the trillions of calcareous nannoplankton become nannofossils, and become a rock of such proportions, it's a Twenty Flight Rock. Of Chalk! Not even the gods like the Rolling Stones are this awesome!--> After rising into Mountains in the Mist, such as Dover Cliffs or along the Rockies from the Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway, the chalk is quarried into Pebbles and Marbles, or a Sample in a Jar in my kick-ass laboratory. But most rockin' is when the rock! is given to little boys! for writin' and touchin'! Instead these little boys practice Chalkdust Torture, never dreaming of the Waves, or the Sparkle of the sun,or the Song the nannoplankton Heard the Ocean Sing as they drifted among the Phishes approximately 50 meters below the sea surface in the lower part of the photic zone up to 216.5 million years ago.

Like that? Hmmm.. probably should set nerdliness amp to "chill out"...
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A friend of mine graduated from U Chicago about 10 years ago and I remember him telling me about the hunt. One of the years he was there, an item on the list was "legally change your name to 'The Admiral'" and someone did it. Fun stuff.
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One of my friends was on the third place team this year. He's an alum and was part of the road trip team, so he traveled to Carhenge, the Corn Palace, and various other places dressed as a Kevin Costner character. I was jealous.
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I still have Woodward's hand-sewn quilt of the flags of all the former soviet republics from 2000. Good lord, I'm glad YouTube didn't exist then.
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Oh god, I just watched YouTube videos of this year's results for 3 hours.
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Gee, when I was at U. of C. all we had was the Lascivious Costume Ball. My band played at the last and apparently most infamous of the traditional LCBs: The largest-ever Lascivious Costume Ball was held in May 1984, complete with strippers, “nearly naked” dancing, and 2000 participants. The following year, the Administration prohibited the Ball. It returned in a smaller, milder form in 1987. Closest I'll ever come to attending an orgy, I think.
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