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Guitarweek is quite easily one of the best, if not the best, guitar education websites on the web. Check out the Chord worksheets. The load of free lessons, plus some members-only flash lessons. It's a real labor of love by a pretty interesting guy, who like a lot of people who work more for a passion than money, appears to have trouble making ends meet on it. Membership is amazingly cheap to boot.
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The worksheets link said:
Sorry, There's an error!

This connection is having some sort of problem...
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Excellent, my library of online guitar learning websites is growing by the day. Others I've come across in the last few days are and
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Thanks for that justinguitar site. I had not seen that and wow, it's pretty great, especially with all the Youtube stuff.


The chord worksheets link goes to a page that is using embedded flash content, so that might be a browser or browser settings thing. I checked the link from Safari & Firefox in OS X and from IE 7 in XP, all those handled it fine.

Hope it works out for you, the chords worksheets are actually my favorite on guitar week. Nice reference and I actually only recently figured out the deally with moving chords to other positions functionality; which makes it even better.
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Hey - thanks a lot - I've been wanting to pull my guitar out and make time to practice and enjoy learning to play again - I've procrastinated too long. This site looks fun and easy to use - I'm using OpenSuse 10.2 and firefox and everything is working great thusfar. Thanks again bluevelvetelvis!
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Wholenote isn't a bad learning site either, although the quality of the lesson can vary widely.
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I think the only problem with these things (like the video lessons) is that the student can pick up some very bad (weird) and potentially unhealthy bad habits if there is no one around to say 'don't do it like that'.

There are about 100 examples of bad guitar habits that will hold a student back (some are worse than others) or lead to an RSI, so I won't type them all. I'm sure that most of the guitar players reading this know what I mean.

A website or a video are never a replacement for a proper teacher.
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Having said all that, thanks for the links y'all.
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Holy ass bleeding Jesus, there's a lefty version of the chord worksheets! Thanks so much for posting this!
posted by baphomet at 8:26 AM on May 22, 2007 seems pretty cool, too. Anyone know of good resources for a (wannabe) rock-and-roll violinist? (e.g., guitar sites that had sheet music / ABC as well as tab, or a really simple tab-to-sheet converter) I just learned recently how to figure out which notes were being indicated by tab, which was a huge help, and it looks like I can use some of those worksheets to speed up the conversion process, too...
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