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Things you can do with empty Altoids tins. People are spending a lot of time coming up with uses for Altoids tins. You don't have to buy the mints. Pinhole camera. Photos taken with that camera. Key for practicing Morse Code. Another one. Religious shrines. Postage assistant. Miniature luggage and furniture. Quilted. Etched and plated. Ipod speakers. Ipod case. Previously mentioned on MeFi: Ipod battery pack; survival kit. Of course, you could stash your drugs in one - but maybe you shouldn't.
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How odd - I could have sworn that I'd read something like this before, but it doesn't appear to have been here. Something about making a ukelele out of an altoids tin? Hmm... brain must be going...

Interesting, nontheless!
posted by Chunder at 7:15 AM on May 23, 2007

You know you're into DIY when you eat through a altoids more because you want to build something with the tin than because you like the mints.

(I've done an altoids mic, a small amplifier and a transformer for use with piezo elements).
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I've seen one guy on the bus that uses one for his wallet.
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Seen em used as ashtrays in bars that had to comply with the California smoking ban.
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Those pinhole photos are great.
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Perfect case for a Pentax Optio S4i camera.
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I mislabeled that first Morse code link as being for building a practice paddle-box. In fact, it's for building a working code-sender that you connect to a transmitter. The second one builds a beeper that you connect a keyer to, to practice sending code. I guess you could connect them together.
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You put your weed in there.
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Oh, also, USB drive using a mini Altoids tin.
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We put change in ours and shake them like maracas.
Loved the post.
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I have a regular customer who uses an Altoid tin as a wallet. It's really cool... unless you're the cashier who has to wait for her to unfold all the bills to see what they are and then dig in a separate container for exact change.

Oh, and she wears orange lipstick.

Maybe the Altoid tin isn't the problem here.
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Also: Is the Barbie necessary for camera construction? I am not in possession of a Barbie doll at this juncture being that I am more than twelve years old. Please advise.
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grapefruitmoon, you should build your own Barbie. From Altoids tins.
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The current issue of Make has an Altoids-tin-based "Vibrobot."
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Ooh, with video!
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Don't forget about minty.
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It makes a great case for the cmoy headphone amp.
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I have a mighty tower of the Altoids Smalls tins sitting on my desk. It's (counts...) 29 tall.

Periodically, it gets bumped and makes a hell of a racket.

I should probably find a better use for them.
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I have an automatic cat food dispenser. In my old apartment, the only outlet I could plug it into had the lamp on it, and was wired to the light switch on the wall. Out of habit, I kept hitting the switch to turn off the lights, thus unintentionally starving the cats until the next time I turned on the lights.

I fixed the problem by ripping the bottom out of an Altoids tin and duct-taping it to the wall over the switch. It was a perfect fit.
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This Altoids tin, it vibrates?
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OK, class, this is how to assemble a proper MeFi post. Just perfect.
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I did make the speakers out of an Altoid tin. And I will say I got them to work. They suck mightily, but I enjoyed doing it. =)
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Second the don't hide your weed in there statement. My cop buddy says he loves finding Altoids tins because it's almost a guarantee that there will be drugs inside.
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I confess to throwing away Altoids that I hate the taste of (spearmint and licorice) merely to get at the tin. Spearmint reminds me of toothpaste, and licorice is definitely an acquired taste for Americans (it isn't familiar).
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My cop buddy says he loves finding Altoids tins because it's almost a guarantee that there will be drugs inside.

Unless there's, you know, Altoids in there. Looking around my desk I see one Altoids gum tin, two Altoids licorice tins (I'm convinced that a taste for licorice is genetic, like being able to roll your tongue or having attached earlobes - but that's a discussion for another day) and one Devil Girl Hot Kisses tin. All of which contain...candy.

I keep my drugs in the medicine cabinet with the mouthwash.
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If you want to have some fun, keep some oregano in an Altoids tin on the passenger seat, maybe roll one while your ticket is being written, that and string of bunch of soap bars wired together around your chest before you go through airport security (who posted this recently, it was brilliant). "Hi Jack, how's the weather in Havana?"
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Djeo, yes, but cops often pull people over for fitting a profile that makes them statistically more likely than John Q Public of having non-Altoids substances in Altoids tins.
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These are part of a recognized method for weatherproofing cheap temperature loggers for burial underground.

mark the logger. put the logger in a ziplock bag, put the bag and some rice in the tin, seal the lid with petroleum jelly, (mark the tin) and wrap the whole thing in duct tape (mark that, too). now you can leave the thing out in some nasty weather, or bury it underground.

circular tins give a better seal, tho.
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BrotherCaine, yeah, I know. I was that target demographic throughout my teens and early twenties. I was pulled over at least once a month and often once a week. I was never caught with drugs in the car but that was mainly because I was smart enough to know that I would inevitably be speaking with Office (not-so)Friendly in the near future.

Now I'm older, with shorter hair and a boring car, and the cops think I'm invisible unless I do something really dumb. But I still have several tins in the center console and sooner or later Officer Fiendly is going to hassle me about them. When he asks me if I have drugs in the car I'll have to answer yes. I don't know if he'll think it's funny though when he finds benadryl and imodium.
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Loved your post, made my day. Thanks.
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Djeo, I'm glad you were smart about it. I had friends in college who weren't.
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